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How to do makeup for small eyes

Each eye shape requires its makeup to highlight and correct imperfections.Today I show you how small an eye makeup.This technique can also be perfect makeup for close set eyes (which are near the nose). So if you have small eyes close, it’s even better! 😉

Here is a picture of a little more or less eye without makeup. I serve as the basis for all steps.

Comment maquiller de petits yeux avant

1) Eyebrows

The first thing to know is that more than one eyebrow is thick and low on the eyelid, the eyelid is less clear and it will look small. Therefore, the eye itself will also look smaller. It is therefore essential to have a smooth brow line that suits both the shape of the face, but also to the eye. To allow for thicker eyebrows, he must already have a great big eyes and eyelids. For others, it will suffer a bit and pluck unwanted hair. If not, a beautician or a stylist eyebrows (yes it exists!) Can advise you on the best fit for you.

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : épilation sourcils

See the photo as the eye is clear and looks brighter.

2) Application of concealer

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application du cache-cernes

Identified an eye or eyelids too dark create a shadow that inevitably shrinks the eye. So for a small eye, it is more important to cover these shadows by applying a concealer . Apply concealer around the eye (under the eye and on the eyelid) to standardize and clarify his eyes.

3) Apply a light eyeshadow illuminator

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application du fard paupières clair de base

For a small eye, eye illuminator light (white, ivory, peach, beige, beige or pink clear yellow) will be applied around the eye, emphasizing the inner corner, to create a luminous halo, and under the eyebrow (eyebrow).The finish on the eye should ideally be pearly, but if you have wrinkles, choose a blush satin.

4) Apply a medium to dark eyeshadow

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application du fard paupières foncé

For this step we use the powder eye shadow of their choice, as long as the color is medium to dark, that is to say, it will create a shadow.

Unlike other types of eye makeup where it starts on the eyelid to come back in the skin crease, the technique of eye makeup starts small at the outer corner of the eye, but really outside the eye (without touching the eyelid), then performs a movement in an arc with a large soft brush, going back led over the top of the fold-palpebral (eyelid fold). It never exceeds the limit of the fold, and fades to a gradient, always outward.Subsequently, we just go down the dark shadow under the eye, stopping vis-à-vis the pupil (it never exceeds half of the eye with the dark shadow). It is the same for the paint applied on the upper eyelid (it also stops vis-à-vis the pupil).

The idea is to “stretch” the dark shadow outwards (towards the temples), much more than other types ofmakeup. This much bigger eye and gives the illusion that they are farther apart (less frequent nose).

5) Application of eyeliner or eye pencil

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application de l'eyeliner ou crayon contour des yeux

For this step, you can either use a pencil eye, eyeliner or eyeshadow powder that you apply with a brusheyeliner along the lash line (which creates a more faded look and delicate with a pencil).

The eye pencil, if applied in the right way, much bigger eyes. Not to create the opposite effect, it is essential to start the line at the outer corner and stop at the center of the eye, vis-à-vis the iris, just like the dark shadow. If the pencil is applied to the inner corner, it will give the illusion of a smaller eye. For the line does not stop at the net center of the eye must blur the tip with a cotton swab, a finger, an eyeliner brush or the tip of a sponge applicator. The goal is that the line has air blend and gradient to shrink to nothing.

The line must be as close as possible to the lash. Make a mark near the upper lashes and qu’inférieurs, creating a V lying “>”.

To avoid: kohl pencil in the eye. The kohl pencil is applied to the small skin between the eyeball and the lower lashes, is reserved for eyes bigger because it shrinks the eye.

6) Application of mascara

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application du mascara sur les cils du haut

It is a fact that the mascara magnifies the eyes. So what better for a little eye? For best results, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to open the eyes of advantage. Eyelashes that point downward create shade on the eye.

Mascara volume can crush the eyelashes and make shade. That’s why I recommend a mascara advantage bending or lengthening (or both combined profits) when little eye makeup.

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : application du mascara sur les cils du bas

It is also recommended to apply mascara on the lower lashes when you have small eyes, as it expands further look.

7) Eyebrows

Comment maquiller de petits yeux : maquillage des sourcils

To give more structure and character under the eyebrow makeup is a must. Some people have already provided and dark eyebrows, then you can skip this step, but for all others, it is essential, as it is defined by surrounding the eye. We can either use an eyebrow pencil or an eye brow for a more natural look while being easier to apply.

8) Before-after

Comment maquiller de petits yeux avant Comment maquiller de petits yeux

Looking at the final photo, I realized it lacked a bit of dark shadow under the eye, because the goal is really to create a V also slept with the dark shadow “>”, then do not overlook the below the eye. Here is what it looks like when completed, compared to the photo before. This gives a much more structured look, and the eye looks wider and stretched outward.

In summary, do not forget that all this is an optical illusion, like a horizontal striped sweater “magnifies” the silhouette. It is not really bigger, but the eye perceives it as such. The before and after photos, the result is not striking, because it is done on the computer (virtual eye makeup, eyelashes virtual, virtual hair … 😉 but true, with makeup and a real person real, I guarantee you that this technique will give you more eyes.

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