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How To Do Makeup Of Your Face?

Do you know how to do makeup of your face? If you do not have the clear idea then read this post and gets an answer! Each one us wants to look appealing enough, each one us wants to look attractive and charming then it can be all gained by the way of learning with some of the best makeup tactics! Each one of us has a pretty face, the only thing that makes a difference is the kind of makeup that everyone do on their faces! Some of the girls do a decent and an elegant makeup on their faces and they in return get a charming look. On the other hand, some of the girls do random kind of makeup and in return they get a messy and rough look! Here we will be telling you that how to do makeup of your face, these tips and method will give you an instant and immediate idea that how you can have the best and an elegant makeup on your face!

How To Do Makeup Of Your Face?

  • You have to make sure that you first wash your face with some good face wash. It is the first and foremost condition of any makeup that you have to wash your face before putting on the makeup. If you are not going to wash your face then all the dirt and grease particles will be there on your face till the end of the event and your face will not at all look clean enough.
  • After washing the face, apply little bit foundation, this base or a foundation will give an equal tone to your skin and a soothing look to your face. It has been seen that most of the girl apply heavy amount of foundation on their faces, this gives them an artificial and they do not at all look pretty.
  • After applying suitable amount of foundation, start applying the eye shadows! If it is a day event, then go for light eye shadows, if it is casual event then only put kajal, mascara and an eye liner, if it is a night party then go for dark eye shadow!
  • After the application of eye shadows, not put some blushon on your cheeks, you can many shades of blushon, try some hot pink shade, peach kind of shade, light pink, shimmery pink shade or any other kind of blush on shade.
  • After blushon, put on some nice colored lip stick and a lip gloss and you are all good to go!

These are the tips that will make you to know how to do makeup of your face!

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