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How to do makeup on oily skin

People who have oily skin often complain that they have difficulty applying makeup due to their skin type. Makeup runs, does not, we must often make alterations, skin shines with all its lights, etc..
Here are some tips to help you have a flawless makeup that lasts all day.
1) We start with the basic
Using the right skin care products, you create a good base for makeup. If for example you use a moisturizer too rich for our skin, and we will fine powder to powder all day, skin shine, because the care used is too rich.
Oily skin should use a moisturizer light, non-greasy fluid or gel. Look for moisturizers that specify “for oily skin” or “for combination to oily skin.” In addition, opt for versions without oil and dulling sebo. You will get better results.
For more tips on oily skin care,
2) is applied to a base complexion
Foundation for complexion are small jewelry makeup. As a makeup artist, I use them for almost all my makeup. The bases for the complexion improves skin appearance and greatly increase the holding of makeup products. Some even have a mattifying effect which prevents the skin from shining.
3) Using a suitable foundation
Many companies offer foundations specially designed for combination or oily skin. Choose a foundation not fat (oil) fluid texture, foam or powder. Some have a mattifying effect, which is a good addition for oily skin. Suggestion: Clarins Teint dull luster SPF 15 (around 28 € / $ 33 CA). Others are long-lasting, which greatly helps the product to remain in place. Suggestions: Estée Lauder Double Wear (around 33 € / $ 43 CA). Foundations are often long lasting appreciated by combination or oily skin. Or there are even foundations with anti-acne ingredients, discomfort frequently found in oily skin. Suggestion: Almay Clear Complexion (around € 8 / $ 12 CA).
For other tips for choosing your foundation, see article: How to choose foundation .
4) A good powder
The powder sets the foundation, does hold out any longer and absorbs sebum. This advantage is even more important when making the purchase of a specific powder for combination or oily skin. These powders have a mattifying effect more important. Suggestion: Rimmel Stay Matte (around 7 € / C $ 7).
5) We fix everything
I am an unconditional misters fixers face makeup. Easy to use (you just spray evenly to the face), they help to keep makeup longer. To see my suggestions, see article: The misters fixing makeup .
6) It makes finishing
If, after following all my advice, your skin glows a little during the day, keep in your handbag or absorbent sheets oil blotting sheets for the face. We found a wide variety in the market at any price. These small leaves absorb oil in contact with the skin without disturbing makeup and most importantly, without adding yet another layer of powder … Suggestion: Shiseido Pureness Matifying Retouching (around 19 € / $ 17 CA).


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