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How To Do Nail Art At Home Easily?

Nail art is becoming the most amazing fun of life. Nail art is very popular among women and youngsters are seem to be looking very crazy about it. Do you love nail art? If yes, then you will definitional want to know the steps of how to do nail at home easily? Here in this post i am sharing some of the latest nail art tips to do at home below.

Steps To Know How To Do Nail Art At Home Easily?

1. Heart nail art design is very easy and taken to be as the best nail art designs that you can do at home.

2. Now i am going to mention the steps of how to do nail art at home.

3. Start by applying the first coat of nail polish with shimmery nail polish in silver colors.

4.Once the base coat dried up, apply black nail polish, so that you can give a french tip at the end of nail.

5. Now, you should have to polishing a hot pink smile line with the upper edge of the french tip make it separate from the shimmery nail polish on top.

6. Now, dip the dottier tool i hot pink nail acrylic paint. Add hot pink hearts on top of the black tip of nails.

7. You can also add enough hearts to the entire tip so, that it covered in scattered hearts with a classy and attractive look.

8. In the end, simply apply the top coat and set aside the nail for dry.

So, these were the steps of how to do nail art at home easily? Now you can able to do so many nail art designs at home. The nail art is the most popular among young girls. There are several designs of nail art that available inside markets. You can also find 3D stickers and artificial nail art designs that are very demanding now a days. Girls are using different nail art designs to give an awesome and appealing look to their nails as well as hands. The nail art designs are becoming the hottest trends now a days.

So, do you like nail art? If yes, the must share your views with us.

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