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How To Do Nail Art Gems Easily?

Do you want to know that how to do nail art gems at home? Well we all know that hands are one of the busiest parts of the body and at the same time they demand for half of the person attention in terms of caring. If nail art is used for the beautification of the nails then at the same time it is even demands for the care and attention as well. Adding the colors and lines on the nails does not finish your task but you even have to put a nail art with gems. Although it might appear as complicated for the beginners but this will going to make your nail art designing much easier and effortless by the end of the day. You can easily grab the gems from the stores. But you have to make sure one thing that gems should be fitting inside your nails perfectly and it should be giving more space for more gems on one nail.

Steps For How To Do Nail Art Gems

  1. Begin the nail art by trimming and filing your nails with your desired length and shape.
  2. Now you have to apply the base coat on the nail. Make sure that you don’t apply the coating on the nails too much. You can easily do this by sliding one side of your brush at the brim of the nail polish bottle. You have to repeat the same step on the other side. This will even going to help out to remove away the excess paint.
  3. Now you have to make sure that you do the top with base coat by means of a colored nail polish of your desire. You have to make sure oen thing that you are making the use of the combination of two colors to top it. But moving ahead makes sure that the base coat has already dried.
  4. Now in the method of how to do nail art gems now its time to add the gems over the nails. You have to apply the gems over the nails at the time when the top layer of your nails is still damp. If in case the polish has dried before you had put the gems you can make the use of applying the clear polish and use it as glue.
  5. Now as you are done with the application of putting the gems just finish up the topping with the base coat or clear polish.

Now without wasting any time just grab these steps of how to do nail art gems and fall in love with your nails!

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