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How to do Smokey eyes makeup

This dramatic and striking appearance is sure to add a little heat to your summer. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little more daring.

Products used: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust asylum Sugarpill, Urban Decay Glide pencil and liquid liner in perversion

Makeup Geek Doubles: Bitten, Mocha, Immortal, Poison

Place the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust in the background and the color mix a little beyond the crease.
Pat Sugarpill Asylum (or polishing Geek) Basic Rust.
Smudge the same color on the eyes.
Mixing a mocha that the outer third of the eye and provide time lines merge hard brown carpet.
Waterline upper and lower lash line with Immortal create a dramatic effect on the wings of range.
Spread filling on the inside to create a “peak”.
Use poison or eyeliner gel asylum and create a wing under the wing black eye at the end.
Add dramatic eyelashes and mascara.
how to do Smokey eyes makeup



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