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How To Drape Designer Dress Designs Duppatta

Some of the women are not aware from the actual method of draping the duppatta of designer Punjabi suits. We all know that dupatta is a long scarf or shawl draped over the head or shoulders. Dupattas are made of softer fabric than stoles or shawls and they are most commonly used to complement the shalwar kameez. It is basically defined as the traditional dress of Northern India. The two main ways of wearing a dupatta are around the head or shoulders. Women can find this clothing best for casual, everyday wear and wedding functions.

Steps To Drape Designer Dress Designs Duppatta:

  1. You should be firstly holding the dupatta in front of you so that you can see the material you need to adjust on your shoulders.
  2. Now you have to hold the right side of the dupatta in your right hand and then place it over your right shoulder. You should eave a long trail hanging over the right shoulder.
  3. In the next you have to drape the left side of the dupatta over the left shoulder with the left hand and leave a trail over the left shoulder. You should make sure there is an equal amount of fabric in the front as all the way hanging uniformly on both the sides.
  4. You should be adjusting the trail, of the dupatta so that it looks attractive. You should leave the trail long or short depending on top of the look which you want.
  5. You should be gathering with some material at your shoulders and pin it neatly with a safety pin so that you can keep the drape and flow in place. Hence you should gatherall the extra dupatta material on your shoulder so that you can avoid the dupatta draping over the arm if you prefer a shorter style.
  6. If you are wearing duppatta of Punjabi dress designs on the head then you should be holding dupatta in front of you.
  7. You have to gather the dupatta in both hands in the company of equal amounts on each side.

So this was all about the designer Punjabi suits and the simple method of draping duppattas! Grab one perfect Punjabi dress designs for yourself now and drape yourself in elegant looking duppatta style. Don’t forget to keep your mind alert with the above mentioned steps! Try it now!

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