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How to draw a thinner nose with makeup

There is a fairly simple way to look thinner nose without surgery or treatment products.All is not feasible solutions using makeup, but it is possible to change the appearance of the nose dramatically for many people.Make nose thinner can be obtained by combining a variety of products and makeup tips.It may take several practice sessions before actually see the results that you want.That said, wearing oversized sunglasses and other accessories are another way to help make your nose look thinner.


Makeup nose

  • First, it is necessary to choose suitable colors for each face. It is preferable to use shades of foundation for the nose and just have a darker skin color than the sides for a brilliant and to reshape the nose.
  • Thus, a broad nose, a contour shade darker in color creates the illusion of a thinner nose. The dark lines on the sides should be drawn so straight and fine. These lines must, in addition, start from the eyebrows and finish the nose.
  • To better create the impression of a thinner nose, a straight line and can be bright drawn along the ridge of the nose.


The makeup of other parts of the face

  • Before dealing with other parts of the face, it would be convenient to adequately cover all the freckles or discoloration. On the other hand, the powder Bronzer should preferably be slightly spread all over the face, especially the cheeks and bridge of the nose.
  • This will hide any imperfections visible and make the nose appear thinner. In addition, it would be practical to design a hairstyle that draws attention to the outside so that the viewer may not notice a narrowing of the nose. For this purpose, curly hair and released most suitable.

How to draw a thinner nose with makeup

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