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How to dry nail polish faster

Spend hours waiting, without being able to do nothing with his ten fingers, because you can not touch anything because of our nail polish is drying up, it’s infuriating. Some will blow on their fingers, trying to fly by flapping his arms like a butterfly, or simply signs goodbye to speed. It seemed to me that we should not be satisfied with that and there had to be some tricks to save our precious time. So here are a few.

1) Run cold water on the coating or dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water

The cold water accelerates the drying of the varnish, which cures faster. It should against letting cold water in contact with the nails at least five minutes.

2) Use a hairdryer set to cold air

The cold air will do the same job as water. Furthermore, such as fans and painted walls, the strength of the air sent to the nails is more concentrated, so the varnish dries faster.

3) Use a varnish top coat, spray or drops quick-dry

There is a product on the market which is very convenient to be offered in bottles of nail polish with regular Pineau, spray or pot with dropper. By spraying or applying the varnish layer, we avoid the damaging chemicals and ingredients contained in the product are quick-dry nail polish harden almost instantly. In justminutes, the paint is completely dry. Suggestions: OPI DripDry Drops (around $ 19 AC / € 12) Mavala Nail Mavadry or Spray (varnish around € 12 / $ 20 CDN) – Spray around 11 € / $ 18 CA), Dior Top Coat Drying accelerator (around 15 € / $ 24 CA), Sally Hansen Shea Butter Rapid Finish Nail Color Dryer (spray) Insta-Dry Speed ​​Dry Drops (drops) (Spray around C $ 10 / € 6 – 8 drops around C $ / € 5).

4) Use a nail polish fast drying

Several formulas are available nail polish version quick drying. In general, they will take at least two times less drying time than regular polish. Suggestions: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Color (around C $ 7 / € 5) and Maybelline Express Finish (around C $ 5 / € 4).

5) Make sure your nails are clean and dry before applying the polish

This advice is very simple and basic, but it can make a big difference. If you have any dirt, dust or grease on your nail varnish will not stick and it will not dry. Wash well and dry your hands thoroughly before applying the varnish and never apply hand cream before applying the varnish. If done after, wait until the varnish is completely dry. The body fat would be a barrier between the coating and the air, which would adversely affect its normal drying.

A little trick for preparing your nails before applying the polish: even if your nails do not have old varnish, have a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover (rubbing alcohol can also do the trick ) on your nails and let dry.Your nails will therefore be completely clean and trimmed to receive the paint.

6) Use a machine to dry the varnish called nail dryer

Can be obtained in some area and specialty stores (or online), small appliances specifically designed to dry the varnish. Placing the hand in the small cavity, the device is switched on and nails will be dry in no time.There are air trims and other UV light. The wide range of prices depending on the quality of the machine in question. There is also a wide variety of brands.

7) Wait until the first coat is completely dry before applying the second

If the first layer is dry and well cured, the second will take much longer to dry because it is not a good basis.

8) Apply thin layers, even multiply layers

Be sure to iron the brush when applying the varnish so that the layer is as thin as possible. You can spend the brush several times in the same place, wiping any excess product on the brush on the rim of the bottle to drop very little time on the nails.

9) Use a nail recent, less than a year

More varnish is, the more it will thicken and it will take more time to dry. Varnish too thick is very difficult to apply and it will streaks. So we end up with too thick a layer that is much too long to dry.

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