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How To Easily Design Salwar Suit?

Are you interested to design your own salwar suit at home? Well we all know that salwar kameez is basically designed as the Punjabi suit that is a set of clothing worn by women in India and Pakistan. The suit consists of a long tunic, called the kameez, and loose-fitting pants, called the salwar, with a drawstring waist. The third piece is the dupatta, or scarf. The suits are made from three pieces of fabric that are dyed as a set.

Method To Easily Design Salwar Suit:

  1. In the very beginning you should plan out the length of the kameez, or shirt, of the suit.  You should make sure that the kameez is long enough to reach the mid-thigh to just above the knee. In Pakistan, the kameez is longer, sometimes reaching the calf or the ankle.
  2. Then you should mark up the fabrics with your measurements. The measurements will vary that is all based on your general ideas for the design, such as long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless, and the design elements too.
  3. Be sure that you check the measurements of any pre-sewn embellishments on the fabric. You shoud determine if the neckline will need to be shortened to avoid showing cleavage. You should measure the length of the kameez to ensure any pre-sewn border edge is not too long or too short for the wearer.
  4. In the next step you should be combining the length of the kameez and these splits so that it can help to conceal figure flaws.
  5. On the next just lay out any embellishments not already attached to the fabric on top of the kameez fabric piece. Embellishments should be added at the neckline, around the sleeve edges, across the bottom border of the kameez or anywhere on the shirt. Hence adornment can be added to the bottom edge of the salwar, or pant legs, waistline or running up the length of the legs.
  6. On the last of designing the designer salwar suits you should be using the finished design of the kameez to determine if the salwar should be standard salwar or Patiala salwar pants.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully and design designer salwar suits in flawless and easy way. All the best!

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