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How to easily remove makeup stains

Who has never accidentally stained by applying mascara once all the makeup done? As it is annoying!

Here are some tips from pro to save you time and not have to start all your makeup every time you make this kind of mistake.

1) As much as possible, sprinkle lightly your face before applying makeup. In this way, if you accidentally create a task, it will be easier to remove because it glide over the powder and more difficult to adhere to the skin.

2) If you have a spot of mascara, do not panic and wait for it to dry.

When the stain is still wet and you wipe, you will extend over a larger area and thus will commit more damage. Once the stain dries, several options available to you depending on its intensity for easy removal.

Spot-light on a surface or powder (eyeshadow on your example): gently scrape with your fingernail.

Average-Spot: Take a cotton swab and “roll it” on the spot so as not to extend out and remove it.

Found on the market various types of swab. I have a weakness for versions with pointed tip, they are much more accurate for cosmetic use.

Sustained-Spot: Rub more intensely with the cotton swab to dry without irritating your skin of course. If there is a little spot, but it is diffuse, you can come add some eyeshadow over if the stain is there or concealer if it is on the face.

3) If the stain is stubborn and definitely here to stay, try the correction pens makeup. This is actually a felt pen that delivers ultra precise just enough liquid cleansing solution to make corrections and alterations localized. The tip marker can be reused several times until it wears off (wipe with a tissue between corrections). I always keep one in my purse (with my Tide To Go) in case! Suggestions: Mavala Make-Up Corrector Pen. The product comes with 3 refills tip, which gives a very long life (about 6 € / 9 $ CA) Kryolan (professional brand) Corrector Pen (around € 8 / $ 13 CA), Lise Watier Makeup Remover accurate (around € 9 / $ 14 CA), Revlon Make Up Eraser Pen (around 5 € / 8 $ CA), Sephora makeup remover (around € 6 / $ 15 CA).

4) The foundation eraser as errors

A little trick used by makeup artists is to soak a cotton swab with liquid foundation, and then to use as a corrector if the stain is on the skin. Wiped lightly swab pre-moistened making him rotate on itself and the stain disappears like magic without removing the foundation or concealer that was below what would is a cleanser or even a cotton swab moistened makeup remover (the most popular technique to remove a stain).To try it!

If you are clumsy hand, try the mascara tubes . As they are based on an elastomer, as they dry, they form a film on the small surface of the skin. It is much easier to remove than regular mascara.

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