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How to find sleep when it’s too hot

When the temperature rises, the body is in turmoil, mind tired and irritated, moist air and stuffy, sticky sheets, there are some simple tips and tricks to follow to find success in his sleep.

To find his sleep during the hot days, there are many tricks cheaper than installing an air conditioner or a fan.These tips are also effective during a stay in a remote area in the tropics or in a dry and arid region where it is not always possible to have an air conditioner or even a fan.


Tips for getting to sleep

  • The key word when it is hot: hydrate! The same advice applies to find his sleep when it is hot.It takes a lot to drink throughout the day to maintain body temperature at 37 °.
  • Juice, water are permitted but it is recommended not to drink stimulants such as coffee and tea after 16 hours. Similarly, before going to bed, take a shower with an emphasis on fresh legs and arms.
  • To find his sleep easily without having to suffer from the heat in the room it is better to close the blinds during the day to prevent the sunlight to enter and heat the room. However, aerate the room, creating air currents in the house by opening windows and doors.


Tips to fall asleep easily

  • It is essential to be relaxed in order to find his sleep. It is advisable to avoid a flurry of activity or demand a big consideration to ensure that the spirit and the body remains in turmoil.
  • Some teas (linden, hops, valerian, hawthorn, poppy …) taken in the evening before bed can relax and even to sleep when it is hot.
  • Another tip also to find his sleep, is to avoid eating too heavy before bed because the body in full digestion temperature will increase and make the night even more unpleasant.
  • The health experts recommend taking a healthy and balanced meal but is light.

How to find sleep when it's too hot

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