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How To Get A Deep Mehndi Rose Design Color Quickly

With the passage of time mehndi rose design is becoming so popular but at the same time some of the women do feel that they don’t get the best deep color of the mehndi design which they had the wish to get. Well if you find the same trouble then just scroll down and read out the method to know that how you can deep the color of mehndi design quickly.

Steps to Get a Deep Mehndi Rose Design Color Quickly:

1.      In the very beginning you have to make sure one thing that you have mixed up the items of the mehndi rose design according to kit instructions. Now you have to search around for the kit with a high quality henna powder.

2.      Now in the next step you have to apply the heena to your skin all the way by using a squeeze bottle with a metal tip. You can draw the design onto your skin by taking the help of the mehndi design photo.

3.      You can make the mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. Then you have to dab the mixture over the henna on your skin as every 15 minutes using a cotton ball. The lemon juice will going to keep the henna paste moist for best adhesion to the skin. As stronger the henna adheres then the deeper the stain on the skin.

4.      Now you have to just scrape off the dried henna with your fingernails after about six hours.

5.      Now just warm up the skin by applying eucalyptus essential oil to the henna stained area! This heat will going to contribute to darkening of henna, and eucalyptus warms the skin.

6.      You should wash the mehndi rose design at least after 24 hours so that it can get the dark color during this time period.

7.      You can even leave the henna on your skin overnight. You can even dab a good amount of the lemon juice mixture over the area and then cover the area with plastic wrap and put either gloves or socks on to keep from staining your bed linens.

So this was the simple method with the help of which you can get the deep dark color of the mehndi rose design! Follow the method and fall in love with your mehndi color!

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