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How to get beautiful lips

The dream of every woman to have beautiful red lips, luscious and radiant throughout their lives.Delicate part of the face, lips, are subject to weathering, UV, frost, heat and urban pollution throughout the year.Of care regularly allow women to be particularly proud of their mouth and have beautiful lips.There are some old recipes very easy to apply to reinforce what is the main attractions of the lips, namely a bright red color and a luscious form.

Some tips to beautify lips

  • After a few minutes moistened her lips with lukewarm water, a camphor ointment is applied.After a few minutes, remove the camphor ointment with a cotton ball and apply glycerine on each lip, the effect is immediate: the lips become red.
  • For beautiful full lips, the technique is also very easy, the lip contour is drawn with a pencil the same color as the lips and applying lipstick color lighter than the pencil and the result is remarkable.

Regular care for beautiful lips

  • To protect the lips, nothing beats regular use during the day with a lip balm. To cure dry lips, you can apply shea butter regularly.
  • Apply it carefully to make lips softer, UV treatment in the mountains and the sea or gloss for a shiny effect, lip balm should always be at hand.
  • The exfoliation of the lips at least twice a week can retain smooth lips. There are different exfoliants on the market but a little sugar mixed with olive oil is a natural and effective that can be applied on each lip gently for one minute.
  • We often avoid passing his tongue over his lips and eat foods too acidic to avoid damaging his lips. We can apply plenty of moisturizing balm on your lips before going to bed.
  • Finally, we must be very careful about the quality of beauty products and cosmetics that is applied on her lips, taking care in particular to use moisturizing lipsticks generators and pulp quality.

How to get beautiful lips

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