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How To Get Perfect Eyebrow Shape In 5 Steps ?

When it comes to eyebrows service, there’s a reason so many people leave it to the pros. In the end, the whole process involves dodging the minefield of dangers as over-plucking and over the filling, not to mention the choice of the inappropriate products. So why eyebrows are crucial ? All over the history, eyebrows were indicators of social status, gender and power. In the last era, shaved forehead and almost no eyebrows were seen as a symbol of sexual purity. According to recent research studies, the eyebrows are higher in younger women.


Let us explain the easy and simple steps to make the perfect eyebrow shape:

Step 1:

Brush The Eyebrow Hairs Up:

The first and very basic step is to brush your brow hairs upside starting from the front towards the tail of the eyebrow where it ends up. Brushing the brow hairs will determine the shape of the eyebrow you want to make.


Step 2:

Measure the Arch Peak:

Your best eyebrow aligns with the inner channel of the tear with an arch. Mostly eyebrows naturally arch around the eye. Find the correct place where the arch peak is essential to look perfect shape.


Step 3:

Apply Some Shade:

Apply some shade with an eyebrow pencil whose shade is closer to your eyebrow shade. Fill your hairs from underneath to make eyebrows dense and fill the spots.


Step 4:

Add fullness To Eyebrow:

Add Fullness to the eyebrow hairs with eyebrow pencil to make them thick. Start from the front then going towards nose and then at the end made the tail also dense and thicker.

Step 5:

Set It:

Finally setting your brow hairs by using an eyebrow gel and brushing them up, it gives the perfect shape and make your hairs texture perfect.


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