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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are a very common problem. Almost all oily or combination skin eventually find with blackheads and even normal skin can have the opportunity.

The first thing to know about blackheads is that you never get rid of permanently. Can prevent, treat, remove their appearance, their numbers decrease in short, we can make several battles blackheads and win, but it will never win the war! This means that there is no miracle product that eradicates permanently. No cream, no lotion, no serum and no cleaning can promise you that. By cons, they can all help in their own way.

Then all the solutions that I present are temporary, that is to say you need to do these actions and long-term on a regular basis.

The cause of blackheads is a bit like acne. Normally, sebum can freely leave the pores, but when there is a surplus of sebum or certain elements that block the pore as dead skin or makeup, for example, we are left with a comedone. As the pore is clogged sebum accumulates and part is oxidized in contact with air, resulting in the color black. There is often a higher concentration of black dots on the T-zone consisting of the forehead, nose and chin, as this area can be oilier than the rest of the face and pores are often more dilated.

Knowing this, we can deduce a well cleansed skin exfoliated and have fewer blackheads. So here are four essential actions to clean your skin.

1) We cleanses well every night

Makeup can clog the pores, which is why it is essential to remove every night and never go to bed without it.At night, the skin regenerates and regenerate well, it needs to breathe.

2) It cleans out all morning

Night, dirt and debris accumulates on the skin. In the morning before applying your moisturizer and your makeup, it is very important to remove with a suitable cleanser for your skin type. If you are too eager, you can just spend a washer soaked tonic. If you do not clean your skin in the morning and add a layer of moisturizer or makeup, you will seal the dirt and residues between two layers. Thus, the pores clog easily.

3) It may exfoliate once or twice per week

The exfoliating beads in her, removes dead skin cells that can clog pores so that regular cleaning can not remove. Prefer exfoliating beads that round to not irritate your skin. There are also daily use exfoliating cleanser replacing. Softer than regular exfoliating, they are also very useful in the war against blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, do not exfoliate your skin once a week and avoid areas of redness not to exacerbate the problem. In all cases, GENTLY massage your skin and never rub vigorously, you could irritate and retaliate by producing even more oil …

4) It re-invigorates and tones

Each cleaning (morning and evening), it completes with tonic. The tonic is essential to prevent blackheads as it removes residue left by cleansers and cleaners.

Other tips

1) Consult a beautician once a month or once every two months for a facial. The facial cleans more thoroughly at home beauticians and some can even extract your blackheads manually. But beware, the extraction should be done gently so as not to attack your skin, creating redness, blisters, pores or even permanent scars useless. Choose well your esthetician. By cons, do not try to remove it yourself, you might hurt your skin.

2) Avoid too rich moisturizers to make your skin even more oily, which clog your pores more. Choose moisturizers suited to your skin type as fluids, gels or lotions.

3) Many products contain chemical exfoliants like AHA (fruit acid), salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which are also very effective for good exfoliate the skin. Salicylic acid has other properties that exfoliation, as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent. By cons, these three ingredients should be avoided if you have sensitive skin, as they can be irritating. In general, oily and appreciate the problems well.

4) For the makeup, the technique is the same as for the buttons. You must choose a non-fat that will not worsen the situation. Some products camouflants contain salicylic acid, they are promoting.


How to Get Rid of Blackheads

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