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How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin Of Neck Best Home Remedies ?

Dark Skin around your neck affects your personality badly. It’s a sign of embarrassment while going out in any party or any function. Neck is clearly visible and darkness of neck put bad impacts on your beauty. Darkness of neck comes in the form of black lines, dark spots, skin pigmentation, patches on the skin of the neck & discoloration of the skin.

The main causes of dark neck are poor hygienic measures and also direct exposure to sun rays. Mostly the Women wash their face but neglect the neck area also while scrubbing the skin. Sudden weight gain and weight loss is also a main cause of dark skin around your neck. The darkness of skin spread all around the neck with the passage of time.

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If you are suffering from black spots and darkness of skin around your neck, then follow these best  home remedies and get your beauty and confidence back.

Best Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Neck:

Honey & Tomato paste:

Honey is the best home remedy for treating skin problems at home naturally. Honey is the best moisturizer for skin and it cleans the skin effectively. Mix the paste of tomatoes with honey and apply this mixture on the dark spots and dark lines of the neck for 20 minutes and then wash with the water.


Lemon Juice& Rose Water:

Lemon is an effective cleanser for the skin due to its bleaching properties. The acidic property of lemon cleans the skin dark spots as citric acid is present in it naturally. Rose water is a natural toner for the skin. To treat the darkness of neck mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 table spoon of rose water and apply this mixture on your neck over night. Wash your neck in the morning with water.


Milk Cream & Yogurt:

Milk is a great moisturizer and cleanser of skin. Milk cream is more effective and it can be used separately and also by mixing it with other ingredients.  Mix fresh cream with yogurt and gently massage the neck. After 10-15 minutes wash out with lukewarm water.


Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a best toner for your skin and it nourishes the skin . Olive oil can be used with lemon juice and it can be used for treating black neck. Apply this on the dark parts and leave for 20 minutes, after that rinse with warm water.



Cucumber has cleansing and cooling effects on irritated skin parts. By scrubbing cucumber  on dark skin of the neck will cleans the skin and removes dead cells.  You can also use cucumber juice or cucumber paste on dark neck and gently massage with it. It’s a best way to get rid of dark neck.


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