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How to get shiny hair and healthy

How to get shiny hair and healthy

Everyone and especially women only dream of having hair shiny and healthy.This requires to take care of, maintain and protect every day.

For shiny hair and healthy, there are several techniques to fight against all daily aggressions which everyone faces such as dust, chemicals or pollution.

Take care of her hair everyday

  • For shiny hair and healthy, it must get into the habit of their hair every day starting first with the tips then places the more tangled. Thus, the hair does not break, the first good point.Concerning the use shampoo, ask a professional hairdresser, after all it is his job.
  • Adapt well with nature shampoo your hair, do not take no for example a shampoo for dry hair when you have oily hair and vice versa. There are special shampoos with shine effect, you can also ask to get it. Once done shampooing, rinse your hair and moisturize them with a balm or a repair mask. If you want to relax your hair, remember to pour oil over hair. You will thus restore the hair and your hair will become soft and untangled. Scalp and will tone as it should.

The little extras to keep his hair

  • Nothing like a good recipe for grandma hair shiny and healthy. Sprinkle the lemon juice in a bowl then add various three spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar. Pour also the equivalent of a normal glass of water. After completing your shampoo, use the mixture on your hair and gently knead for a few minutes. Leave on for thirty minutes and make your brushing.
  • For shiny hair and healthy, you can also make a color or highlights around your natural shade.Remember to use the product supplied dyes for a treatment after coloring your hair, it will help to nourish the roots and give them all the energy they need. For shiny hair and healthy, do not dye too often, be sure to watch your roots will give you information on what you should do. If they are dull and dry then you can opt for if tinting the hair massage with lemon and cider vinegar.


How to get shiny hair and healthy

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