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How to have a natural complexion without effect “mask”

Many of us have already met a woman who was too much makeup. And what’s worse than a complexion mask effect, cracked, powdery, chalky, thick or crusty? In fact, the dream of all is to get a beautiful complexion natural, zero defects. We want a flawless complexion, without looking makeup. Here are ten simple tricks to help you get there.

1. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin

If you have dead skin and small areas of dry skin when you apply the foundation, it will make them more obvious because it stained. It is therefore sufficiently hydrate, twice a day, with a care that suits our skin type and do not forget to exfoliate our face well once or twice a week.

2. Apply a base

The Primers are a great invention in makeup. I do almost no makeup client base without applying in advance. Bases allow the foundation and corrector better glide over the skin and blend better on it. The appearance is always more natural and uniform. Products complexion electroplate less and more, keeping improved. So why go?

3. Use a foundation for your skin type

Skin dry, dehydrated or mature should never use a powder foundation, because the final appearance is never natural. It is the same for liquid foundation or mousse matte finish. If you have dry skin, dehydrated or mature, always choose a background dyed luminous finish.

For oily or combination skin, you can opt for the desired finish, but the problem is at the outfit, and the final look will be automatically less interesting. A foundation cream or liquid that is not designed for your skin type will make your skin glow with advantage, which is not desirable. In addition, the product will often migrate and dumped in a few hours, and you end up with an uneven complexion. And what a disaster if your foundation is too dark too. You will have darker patches here and there on the face once it has migrated. Not very attractive …: o) The combination or oily skin should therefore opt for a long-lasting foundation and balancing, satin or matte finish.

4.Préférez foundations for modular light to medium coverage rather than the full coverage or thick

The only consumers who should automatically choose a good coverage foundation are those major imperfections to hide like a birthmark, scars important colored, brown spots visible, a birthmark, imperfections after surgery or intervention laser, rosacea or rosacea severe, etc..

For all others, that is to say the majority of us who have some redness and imperfections, it is always better to opt for a light coverage foundation medium, but flexible.

Modular means that you can add layers to specific locations that we can not observe where we added layers.This blend with one another, and we can not see the boundaries.

So, in the best of worlds, apply a light base layer (as thin as possible) on the face, and works by tappingspecific areas of the product extra layer, but only where it is needed. Most often, it is at the nose, the nose, the cheeks part closest to the nose and chin.

5. Use powder sparingly

Loose powder or compact that will be used to set the foundation is often treacherous. It can ruin your makeup quickly.

Already, if you applied a very thick foundation, loose powder should be used on the T-zone with a large powder brush free, very light sweeps by, and never applied with a sponge or puff.

Those who can afford the puff are non-users of liquid foundation (powder directly on the skin or foundation powder) or thick skins (often dark), young or fat.

In addition, for mature skin, one should keep in mind the same principle. Quenched only once the brush in the powder, shake well and apply it in light touches on the T-zone only, and avoid at all costs where you have wrinkles.

Remember to always shake your brush to remove excess powder. Too much powder on the brush will NOT natural.

And most importantly, never apply a foundation powder as loose powder over a liquid foundation. Chalky effect guaranteed!

6. Choose a good powder

I am a fan of mineral powders. Why? Because they do not contain talc. Talc is inevitably more powdery finish on the skin. So if your powder is talc-free, it is already an advantage.

Some powders contain beads that reflect light. They help to copy the natural luminous finish to the skin not makeup. The powder thus way less. I do not include oily skin in this council, because they will often opt for a matte finish powder, and this is because the skin is already naturally very bright, and it will eventually be reflected in through the powder in half an hour after its application in general.

7. Pay special attention to dark circles

If you apply a thick concealer, and you sprinkle over, you’ll look more surrounded, poached and most importantly, more wrinkled. I have seen clients in their twenties seem to late thirties, only because they were too powdery their rings. Once they smile, layer powder + concealer creates a multitude of folds that look of wrinkles.

Women who have pockets prominent, swollen or very wrinkled, should never powder over the concealer. It is then preferable to apply the concealer latest, once the rest of the makeup done, and opt for a bright finish product. Light reduces the appearance of dark circles.

For others, you can dust, certainly, but remember that moderation is always in good taste.

8. Choose the color of your foundation, your concealer and your powder the same color as your natural skin tone

A foundation or powder too dark never gives a natural complexion. Makeup inevitably be seen, because there will demarcations, especially if you do not apply it everywhere. This is especially true with those who use a foundation too dark, too pink or too orange for their complexion. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a counselor experience that you trust to find the exact color of your complexion.

9. Remember that freckles are sexy!

As long as someone is trying to hide her freckles, the result is rarely natural, because it will inevitably take good coverage foundation. Let them shine, that is lovely!

10. If you apply the bronzer, do at strategic locations to avoid creating demarcation

Insist on where the sun colors your skin first normally. These areas are the nose, cheeks, center of forehead and chin. In this way, your face will not look darker than your neck.

In conclusion, namely the right mix makeup is the secret. Want to camouflage too leads us necessarily to look unnatural. We need the skin texture is still visible, if not it is missed every time. Prefer products that mimic the appearance of your skin, even do a test on half of your face and compare it with the other half not wearing makeup. If your imperfections are less visible, but the effect is similar to the other side, it is a success!

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