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How to have a porcelain and clear complexion

What is a porcelain complexion? This is a clear skin without blemishes, smooth and uniform. How it happens to you?

The skin care

The problem I encounter most frequently as an artist makeup is that many women use makeup how a “Band-Aid” (a bandage) to hide a skin problem that could have been settled at the base.

Learn about the right products to use depending on your skin type ( oily, combination , dry, dehydrated , sensitive). Go to the beautician, do you scrub once a week, clean and moisturize your skin twice a day , you remove makeup every night, avoid products agressants skin, drink plenty of water, do not smoke not protect your skin with SPF in the sun, etc.. These are all little things that will make the long term, you’ll need less makeup because your skin will look better at the base.

The foundation

If you have a lot of redness (rosacea, rosacea) or irregularities of the skin, choose a foundation covering enough. If not, choose the highest possible light to medium couvrances for a more natural look.

Your foundation should be the same color as your skin . To choose well, apply a small amount on your jaw bone. Not on the wrist, not on the back of the hand, not arms, not on the nose, but on the jaw bone. This is the only place to see if it is the right shade. Furthermore, your complexion may be a different color from your face. If you have a lot of rosacea, be careful not to choose a foundation pink “harmonized your redness.” You must cut with a golden foundation or neutral. To choose, ask a competent beauty consultant what is the predominant color your skin tone. The categories are: olive, pink, gold, neutral, light, medium and dark. You are automatically a combination of two of these categories.

You can apply your foundation with your fingers, with a latex sponge or a brush specifically designed for the foundation. It allows an equal distribution without getting your hands dirty.

Start with the nose and chin then “stretch” the product in degrading the outward face up nothing. This avoids having accumulations of foundation in the hair root. Blend also occurs in the neck for not dividing the jaws.

It does not matter if you can still see your rash, it is at this stage of the base layer must be perfectly uniform.

Subsequently, we take a drop of both and just touch where you need a higher coverage. For this step, take your fingers or a latex sponge soaked in water and wrung out (not to drink it all your makeup!). Make adjustments by tapping not to remove the base layer. Areas that need additional coverage are often the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones early internal (closer to the nose).

The concealer

Promote a color as close as possible to your skin tone or a semitone clearer. If you choose a concealer too dark, you accentuate your rings. In contrast, if it is too bright, the concealer will be up and the effect will be unnatural.

To apply concealer, make two or three points distributed as follows: one in the inner corner of the eye (near the nose bridge) and the other two in the most hollow identifies vis-à- towards the inner corner of the eye and vis-à-vis the iris. It stops there and goes no further, or higher. If you apply the concealer on the convex side and forget the hungry, you accentuate your circle instead of camouflage.

Thereafter, blend the dots by tapping. Never wipe a concealer unless you’re applying a version of cake with a brush. If you work with your fingers for a cream product, lightly tap the inner corner outwards.


Choose a powder exactly the same color as your skin and a formula that fits well with your skin type (light powder for dry skin or mattifying for oily skin). It can be free or compact according to your preference. The effect is equivalent. Some advocate makeup puff and other like me, the brush. I think that makes a puff too much powder, which creates a mask.

Lightly brush the powder all over the face avoiding areas where you have more wrinkles such as crow’s feet around the eyes or mouth. Too much dust where there are wrinkles intensify further.

The powder should be applied sparingly. Again, too much powder gives a mask which is not very natural.

Here, the most important step of your makeup is complete. The rest of your makeup will be easier because you have a good base.

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