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How to have long eyelashes

Many women dream of having long lashes to beautify and enlarge the eye.It is possible to lengthen the lashes with makeup, eyelash curler or a still creams that are the only guarantee permanent results.

The look is one of the parts of the face that women like to highlight.Long eyelashes will enlarge the eye, bring femininity, sophistication look.Look for a bigger, more sophisticated, more feminine, more mischievous, more glamorous, more attractive or theater, there are some tricks to have long eyelashes.

Lengthen eyelashes makeup

Makeup is the easiest way to have long eyelashes.We may use an eyeliner to the lash line to give the impression that they are provided.It is also possible to use a mascara base that can provide volume and length to lashes, then it does not require a coat of mascara.Another technique is to use first a lengthening mascara then put a second coat of mascara volume.An old trick makeup is to apply a little loose powder on the lashes after the first coat of mascara up without waiting to dry.

The manual method for the long eyelashes

For long eyelashes manually, is an effective tool that allows curlers eyelashes easily get a convincing result.Applying a transparent mask eyelashes, the curve given lashes will stay longer.Another technique is to use a small comb or brush mascara dry and pass between the lashes after the first coat of mascara (do not let the mascara dry above).Technique is also very interesting to spend a wet brush the eyelashes and powdering before they dry.

Other methods to have longer eyelashes

For long eyelashes, there are other methods.Pharmacy creams are sold quite expensive to lengthen and strengthen lashes.Generally applied in the evening, they achieve visible results in a few months.The other solution is to use false eyelashes.Attention to the latter option, it is essential that you choose for her false eyelashes not seem to be an actress drama unless it is the desired effect!

How to have long eyelashes



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