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How to have straight hair?

Frizzy, unruly or dull, smooth hair can be to find a hair tamed and shiny.There are various techniques to do it alone or have it done by a professional for a stunning result

Your hair is damaged, lack luster and did not put up easily?Smoothing will allow you to develop and discipline.There are a variety of hair products for hair smooth.Several techniques that will allow you to tame and take care of them.

Smoothing temporary

  • This technique allows for smooth hair through the heat will relax the hair.
  • For very thick hair start by making a Brushing before smoothing.
  • Through hob then you can straighten your hair from root to tip and carrying wick by wick.
  • The hob, for smooth hair should be selected based on occasional use or increased.
  • For use once or twice per month griddles trade can be used. They are provided with a ceramic coating and are available in terms of cost.
  • For more use, choose hotplates for hair smooth ceramic 100% less hair and spoil which have a temperature setting. You will find in hairdressing wholesalers from 90 euros.

Smoothing constant:

  • It helps to have smooth hair for all occasions: after washing, wet, they resist all events.
  • Smoothing is a permanent mechanical action with chemicals that relax the hair.
  • New techniques such as Japanese or Brazilian straightening bring keratin hair which makes them perfectly smooth while protecting them.
  • This smoothing has a duration of action of approximately eight months. You simply smooth the roots during this period before considering a complete new smoothing.

These are:

  • Smoothing constant can not be performed on highlighted hair. Very damaged hair smoothing results provide a lower.
  • Finally, if you want to have smooth hair after either of these techniques, remember to feed them in depth. Wash them with specific shampoos formulated for dry hair. Then apply a conditioner anti-breakage.
  • Once a week leave on 10 minutes a mask base of shea butter and wrap your hair in a hot towel for 30 minutes before rinsing. Your hair will be smooth and shiny and full of vitality.

How to have straight hair?

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