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How to hide a pimple

You have a big night, but to express that this junk makes its appearance on your face. Do not panic! The makeup comes to the rescue to cover your new enemy: a pimple!

First thing to do: treat

There are several treatments for localized help dry your button. The best are those containing salicylic acid.Suggestions: Avon Clearskin Eliminates imperfections localized (around 5 Euros / $ 7 CA), Biotherm Acnopur emergency acne treatment (around 14 Euros / $ 21 AC) , Gel Roc Purif-Ac fast action (around 14 Euros / $ 21 CA ). It is best to apply at night before going to sleep, because even if you are promised that the product can be used under makeup, this is not ideal.

Very important: do not puncture your button! This will create a scar on your face and makeup not adhere tothe button if the wound is not dry yet.

In addition, during periods where you have more acne, change your moisturizer. Use an oil-free version for slight and not create other buttons or extend the lives of those you already have.

Second thing to do: camouflage


We start by applying a foundation all over the face. It is as if the button was not there and spread the product as usual. If you have acne prone skin and the undesirable appear very often on your face, try the liquid foundation Almay Clear Complexion (around 8 Euros / $ 12 CA). If not, use an oil-free foundation to not aggravate the situation.


Subsequently, we use a concealer for blemishes. They are like concealer, but they contain ingredients that dry the button as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide Suggestions: Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Treatement (around 6 Euros / $ 10 CA), Lise Watier Crayon Abracadabra (around 9 Euros Euros / $ 14 CA), Benefit Galactic Shield (around 13 Euros / $ 20 CDN). <

Very important: the above products will be exactly the same color as your skin well and create the illusion that the result is natural.

If the product is in pencil form, color generously button. If it is in the form of cream or if you use a regular concealer cream, apply a generous amount of product on the button and do not touch it immediately. Leave it to half-dry. If the product is too liquid, when you do the shading, it will fall to the surface of the button and you will not succeed to cover its circumference. To fade, you can use your finger or a concealer brush synthetic fiber nylon. The latter is more accurate than the finger. Once the product is semi-dry, smudge the outline of your button (without too much touching the most prominent) tapping. If you wipe as some do with concealer, withdraws from the product and you must start button. With the brush, lightly brush the product outward button again without touching his head. Edges point correction should melt onto the skin they see no boundaries.


To seal it, it is essential to powder. The powder will also equalize the complexion harmonizing color all over the face. Choose a powder of the same color as your skin. If it is dark, it will stick to the parts or you’ll put the corrector and these places are so showy.

To powder, start there or you have disguised your buttons and use a latex sponge, which lay a greater amount of powder. Complete with a large brush loose powder and brush the powder on the entire face without pressing too hard not to remove the makeup below.

If your button is a little rebellious and we always see a lot, you can apply a second layer of correction using the same technique as the first and repoudrez again.

If you want to put the bronzer, be careful not to overemphasize the areas where you have hidden your buttons for the same reason that if your loose powder was too dark. Spend more slightly close buttons. It is the same with the blush if you do not want your button again become pink!

Continue with the rest of your makeup. In the evening, well you remove makeup and reapply spot treatment.You should get rid of your new enemy in a few days.

Third thing to do: draw attention away

One thing to know is that it is almost impossible to completely hide a button. It will probably succeed well concealed that most people do not notice it, but as it is in 3D in your face, it is possible that we could see from certain angles. Do not worry, it’s always worse when our mirror to know it’s there for others, because remember that only you know. It is not necessary to start your conversation by saying “please do not look at my button,” then it is to draw attention elsewhere. Enjoy that day to wear a beautiful red lips to bright color or a touch of bright and colorful eyeshadow on your eyes. There are also dyed illuminators as key to Benefit High Beam (around 23 Euros / $ 28 CA). Apply a few buttons on the top of your cheekbones and on your temples to reflect light (and your neck) and thus draw attention to these areas.


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