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How to improve the shape of the eyebrows


Brush your brows upwards with a brow brush or a toothbrush. Cut the ends of all long hair with a small pair of scissors. Do not try too hard, taking too large can significantly change the shape of your eyebrows. Instead, look through the hair brushed and find the natural eyebrows. Cutting all hair extending beyond this line. Brush brows downward and repeat the same process.

Keep a makeup brush end or nostril parallel beam so that it extends upwardly above the eyebrow. This should be the inside edge of your forehead. Tweeze hairs protruding pencil.

Insert the pencil parallel to the outside edge of your iris. This is the highest point of your arch should be. Pulling stray hairs from under the arch, staying as close to the front line as natural as possible.

Hold the pencil against the nostril and tilt it diagonally so that it passes through the outer corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end. Remove hair which extend beyond the line.

Fill in all the remote areas with an eyebrow pencil wax or ointment. Choose a color that closely resembles your natural shade opposite. Even a shade or two too dark will make your eyebrows look artificially hard, producing a cold, uninviting facial expression. Black eyebrows can also cast a shadow over his eyes, making you look tired and worn.

How to improve the shape of the eyebrows



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