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How to know what eyebrow shape is best for you


Early to determine what shape face you have, for example, long, oval, square, round or diamond-shaped. Clean your face thoroughly, removing all makeup and pull your hair away from your face. Put your hair in a ponytail if you have long hair. Look in the mirror and find the characteristics of different face shapes to find your.

Shaping the eyebrows for a bow and makes sense if you have a round or square face, as round and square faces tend to be a little wider than most faces. Shaping your eyebrows end so that they are slightly higher than the first part of your eyebrow.

Shaping eyebrows hand, if the shape of your face is long, as this will help to shorten the face. Keep eyebrows start at the same level as the end of your eyebrows in a straight line in an apartment, as the front.

Soften the edges of eyebrows, if you have a heart shaped face or diamond, which will help remove large areas of the face. Eyebrows curved so as to have an arc leading to the end of the two sides.

Keep your eyebrows in a period of moderate or otherwise choose if you have an oval face, leaving the beginning and end of the eyebrows at the same level. According CareFaire.com, oval faces have the option of removing any form of eyebrows, while integrating your face.


How to know what eyebrow shape is best for you




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