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How to lengthen lashes?

Indeed, there different ways to lengthen lashes.To choose one, consider his budget and his own physical limitations in cases of allergy for example.You can choose to lengthen your lashes naturally or using technological methods such as makeup or implants

Natural method.

  • A very natural way known to extend lashes which is proven applying castor oil on the eyelashes at bedtime on a daily basis using a brush or a cotton swab.
  • This technique has the advantage of being quite economical and binding, but, like all natural means, it takes some time, about two to three months before visible effects.


  • The cosmetic industry offers many products that make up the vocation of artificially lengthen lashes instantly.
  • Among the existing products, mascaras and makeup pencils some brands are very popular.
  • Some of these products are even considered having provided care for eyelashes lengthening effect in the long term.
  • The mascara is a very easy to use and there to suit all budgets, but those who offer the best effects and almost professional results are often quite expensive.
  • There are even hints as to use a mascara optimally. For example, apply loose powder on the lashes before applying makeup, choose a dark color mascara fluid and bend the handle of the brush so as to exert a slight pressure on the lash during installation.
  • It is also possible to combine with a permanent mascara eyelashes, performed institute, the price usually runs around 16 euros.


  • The last option to extend its existing eyelashes is that the implants. There are two kinds: false eyelashes to stick yourself and extensions.
  • False eyelashes offer, like makeup an instant result but have the advantage of offering a perfect fit and resistant to tears and perspiration time a day.
  • Eyelash extensions are another solution for people with very short lashes. They are virtually undetectable and lasts one and a half months after installation. This is by far the most expensive to lengthen lashes.

How to lengthen lashes?



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