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How to lose weight in a week- Lose 7lbs without starving

The localized fat in our body did not appear there from day to night, but are the result of months or years of not eating balanced and sedentary lifestyle. In some cases, dysfunctions of the body, such diseases may be related to weight. We will guide you How to lose weight in a week.

The fact is that we are always looking for a way to lose weight fast, even when we know it took us a while to get fat. Losing weight fast with health is not as easy as many think, however, it is not impossible.


The positive side of this attitude is able to display a body healed by next summer, get stuck in that dress in your prom or traveling to the coast with your new bikini.

But not all flowers, many diets that teach crazy fast weight loss seriously endanger your health and may even take it to serious complications.

Avoid the use of non-prescription drugs and stay away from fads diets. Many diets are posted on the internet and in magazines based on what someone else did, without any medical supervision and without the correct balance of nutrients that your body needs to work well.

Ideal for fast weight loss is that you control the amount of calories you eat daily and not exceed 1,200 calories per day.Combine your new lifestyle sports and do regular activities.

Also, another key point is to understand that to lose weight fast does not mean tomorrow or next week, your body needs time to get used to the new diet.

The accordion effect caused by those who make outlandish diets, is much worse than the localized fat. Besides stretch marks, loose skin, compromised health and a number of concerns, the accordion effect ends with the confidence and esteem of those who have.

How to lose weight in a week-q

When you lose weight fast and fattening fast, you lose the hopes of getting a slim body after a thousand attempts.Therefore, weight loss gradually and safely bring much more benefits for those who really want to maintain a beautiful body throughout life.
This is a diet without too many restrictions, but with healthy foods that harm health and help you live well with the balance. The preparations can be made with soybean, sunflower, corn, canola or olive oil, all in moderation.

For those who can not get rid of the habit of drinking sodas, replace them by diet. Can be consumed at will: Water, coffee, tea, vinegar, garlic, pepper, bay leaf, parsley, oregano, cinnamon and ginger.

How to lose weight in a week- MENU

Prepare a menu complete with six meals step by step for you to lose weight, check out below how to lose weight fast.


Option 1 – ½ ½ granola with skim milk 10 + strawberries + 1 slice of bread with 1 Polenguinho.
Option 2-2 slices of bread with 1 tbsp. (Soup) of light cream cheese + 1 apple + 200 ml mango juice.
Option 3-2 slices of bread with 2 slices of turkey breast 1 + Pear + 200 ml of coffee with skim milk.


Morning Snack

Option 1-1 col. (Soup) of rice pudding

Option 2 – 1 apple

Option 3-1 persimmons


Decrease the consumption of sugar. Start by not putting extra sugar in your coffee, tea, fruit, excess sugar that enters your body become fat deposits, so it’s best to avoid them.



Option 1 – tomato salad, cabbage and lettuce comfortable + 3 tablespoons brown rice + 1 scoop on bean grilled steak +1 + 1 glass of kiwi juice.
Option 2 – green salad comfortable Pancake + 1 meat + 1 cup chickpeas + 1 apple + 1 col. (Soup) of ambrosia.
Option 3 – green salad at home + 3 tablespoons brown rice + 1 scoop of lentils + 1 grilled chicken fillet + melon juice + 1 peck.


Afternoon Snack

Option 1-1 col. (Soup) of rice pudding

Option 2 – 1 apple

Option 3-1 persimmons



Option 1 – green salad at home + 3 col. (Soup) shallow carrot + 3 col. (Soup) shallow chopped tomato, 1 slice of roasted turkey + 3 col. (Soup) + rice 2 tablespoons of mashed cassava + 2 col. (Soup) cooked pod + 3 red plums.

Option 2 – green salad at home + 1 chicken thigh baked skinless + 3 col. (Soup) of rice bean shell +1 + 1 slice of cheese plate + 1 + 1 orange kiwi

Option 3 – green salad at home + 3 tablespoons brown rice + 1 scoop of lentils + 1 fillet of grilled chicken + watermelon juice.

Option 1-1 yoghurt pot with honey

Option 2-1 pot of natural yoghurt with oats

Option 3-1 plum yoghurt pot



Here are some myths about fast weight loss and fad diets:

Diet of Pap Nenem: 

Very famous among Hollywood artists, the diet of baby food baby asks you to eat several pots of baby food and the evening eat food that has very few calories.

The diet makes you not have to chew so your body does not release the two most important hormones for weight loss, ghrelin and CCK. The result is that you do not lose weight!
Dissociated Diet:

You can not eat carbohydrates and proteins or together. It is recommended to eat carbs at lunch and dinner in proteins.

Does it really slims? Experts say there has never been a study that confirmed the results and eat two at a recommended measure is very important, because they provide energy and help build lean mass. So do not fall for that conversation!
Vinegar Diet:

Already known by many, who does the vinegar diet believes that the substance will decrease appetite. The truth is that the decreased appetite is related to the time it takes the carbohydrates to be acquitted.

Vinegar can help slimming yes, but it’s nothing like a miracle. Ideally you eat carbohydrate containing high levels of glucose, and whenever you can, eat fiber-rich carbohydrates, since the fiber is an ally for those who want to lose weight.

Choose a diet that consider their health and not just change your diet for a few days, but make a real nutritional education, it will help keep the new body won!

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