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how to make best lip balm,homemade lip balm,lip balm recipe

This morning I could finally make my homemade lip balm. In the previous post I told you already that I bought 10 sticks to make my own lip balm. I have long been searching, searching for information and and above all trying to find the ingredients. Obviously there are many shops online on-line that sell them, but did not want to buy large quantities without knowing the outcome. And after much looking and looking I finally found a shop in Barcelona that had everything I wanted, sell in bulk and small quantities so I bought everything I needed and this morning I have started to work.


Homemade lip balm recipes there are a few. In fact when I bought the sticks Joanne gave me several different recipes, that I will go little by little. But he had seen a recipe for some time and this is the one I chose.


I use lip balm lot especially in winter, so this morning when I got my own balm I felt very happy, because from now on I will be able to create the lip balm you want. It is fantastic.




Ingredients and amounts:

20 grams of sweet almond oil

10 grams of shea butter

10 grams of cocoa butter

10 grams of natural beeswax


manteca de karité, manteca de cacao, cera de abeja natural, aceite de almendras



Step 1: Put warm water bath beeswax until melted

cera de abeja

Step 2: Once the wax melted, add shea butter and cocoa butter

manteca de cacao, manteca de karité

Step 3: Once deterrida the above mixture, add the almond oil and mix.

Step 4: Fill the pots or sticks that you go to use and is already

balsamo labial casero

I put this photo so you can see the color and texture. If you like the lip balm with a softer texture you can take less beeswax, and if you can put more consistent preferis more beeswax. With these quantities have come to me perfect texture.

balsamo labial casero

With these quantities that I said I filled 5 sticks and small jar.



Why these ingredients to lip balm?


Cocoa butter is obtained from cocoa bean roasting. And it’s perfect for a lip balm that has emollient and soothing, which is excellent for treating dry, rough skin.


Shea butter is obtained from the seeds of a tree proviniente West Africa.

This butter is a natural cell regenerator. It acts by coating the skin with a film that prevents dehydration and protects from external aggressions. Also be used in hair and body.


Sweet almond oil has great moisturizing effect and has the effect of reducing the dryness of the skin, relieves itching and soothes irritation.


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