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How to make him miss you …

Try to learn all the different ways that you miss him is hard! Guys are hard do not they?Sometimes possible confusion and make sure you can be really difficult. Unless you know all the tricks to make love I miss you! If you’re dying to get your man to miss you, always wanting to be with you, do not worry, I got you! I first 7 surefire ways to make him miss it you will drive him crazy!

1. Send text messages ROMANTIC

Without seeming too desperate, there are many different ways to make him miss and is the first – Romantic SMS! Reminding him just how romantic you both, how awesome was your last date, how much you miss him everything is really a great way to keep his mind on you!

2. Hanging out with the GIRLS

One thing that really makes a guy wild is not able to get their hands on his girlfriend – or knowing that she is having a great time without him. If you feel like you want your boyfriend to miss you, want to go hang out with the girls? Make it a night on the girls, no boys allowed!This will lead crazy and he will probably miss you!

3. Send her flowers / CANDY AT WORK

When you’re in a relationship, you want to constantly remind the person that you are the way you are sweet. This means that sending these little gifts at work, such as flowers or candy.Who knows, maybe you’ll have something of a surprise at work too!

4. Leave little notes in his LUNCH

romantic gestures as small notes at breakfast can really make all the difference in how you are missing! In fact, I love you when my girlfriend made for me and it makes me miss a lot more. If you just write a little something or something on a short note and slip it into his lunch, he will love! Just a little “I love you” could be all it takes for you are missing throughout the day!


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