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How to make nail polish stay longer

There is not as long lasting nail polish that make a difference in the time that your nails remain well covered, but also a lot of simple tricks. So here are 12 tips that will help prevent the frustration of having to reapply polish every other day.

1) Take good care of your nails

Nails cracked, dry and cracked varnish remember less well. Therefore, among the colored varnish applications, apply a specific treatment for your problem. For example, if your nails are dry and brittle, use a nail moisturizer (suggestion Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4 in 1 Treatment), or if they are soft and they split, use a nail hardener (OPI Nail suggestion Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener or Strengthener).

2) Keep your nails at a reasonable length

More nails are longer, they can break and bend. Thus, the coating may peel off easily. So much hangs on long nails as short. Whenever you hold, you can damage your nail.

3) Push your cuticles

If your cuticles rise high enough on your nails, nail polish may be applied over. However, the coating does not really much of a cuticle, since it is not a skin and nail. In peeling from cuticle, it may exceed the nail and create an unequal effect. The rest of varnish and all will flake easily. So, before applying the varnish, do not forget to push your cuticles with an instrument specifically designed for this purpose.

4) Clean your nails before applying the polish

If any residue remains of old varnish, grease or dust, polish adhere to the nails less and therefore flake faster. It is recommended to wash hands (do not apply cream), dry well, then move a slice of cotton soaked in nail polish remover on each nail, taking care not to miss any corner. Once everything is dry, nails are perfectly ready to receive paint.

5) Apply an adhesive base

The adhesive base is a transparent glaze that is applied before the colored varnish to make it adhere better to the nail. In doing so, the dress is by far much better. Bases contain adhesive glues that are close liaison between the nail and the nail color. The varnish is peeling also much less, since it is well adhered to the nail. Suggestion: Essie First Base Base Coat Adhesive. Allow to dry before applying the base varnish.

6) Do not leave your old varnish too long and buy them in a store that has a good turnover of stock

An old nail polish (even if it has not been opened) will be more difficult to apply, dry and most importantly, the dress will be affected. As long as your nail begins to separate into two phases, throw it in the trash. Do not store your varnish over a year, because after that, the holding is poor.

It must also be careful where you buy your paint. Some traders who have a low turnover, keep bottles of nail polish for a long time before selling. They may be there for years, so be vigilant and only buy newer products.

7) Apply very thin layers of varnish

You apply more thin layers, the coating will dry more quickly and thus these layers will be harder and resistant between each application. Too thick a layer is very long to dry, so that you can easily damage, as it remains soft for a long time. He is ever done this blunder by applying too thick in the evening before going to bed. The next day, my fingernails had traces of blankets, not very pretty! In addition, a varnish too thick will bubble and peel more easily. It is always better to multiply layers (can be up to 3 if desired) than to apply one thick.

To ensure the application of thin layers, always remove excess varnish by wiping the brush on the opening of the bottle. When applying, remove the brush in the center of the nail, then push the brush toward the cuticle and pushing up towards the tip of the nail is the best way to ensure a uniform result.

8) Always let dry between coats

Drying time varies greatly depending on the type of varnish, but until the varnish is not very hard and resistant addicts, wait before starting the second layer. It is a common mistake to simply check if the first coat is still tacky touching with the tip of a finger. This does not mean that it is completely dry, because a simple tap can cause damage. The varnish should resist the pressure from the tip of another nail they see no trace to be found dry. For patients, the best option is still to apply one coat per day, but now its outputs should be provided well in advance 😉

9) Make sure you cover the tip of the nails with varnish, even a little beyond the back of the nail

If you leave a portion of the tip of the nail is not covered by the varnish, it may peel off faster because this is tip it usually starts from. To ensure good coverage when you get to the edge with the brush, gently bend towards the inside of the hand so that the coating is deposited not only on the ends of the nail, but also on the back . Doing so creates a kind of small sealed envelope at the tip of the nail, which will protect much better against addicts and flaking.

10) Apply a protective coating (top coat) and refresh it as often as possible

The transparent protective coating creates a barrier between the color and the environment, which protects against addicts held while increasing significantly. Protective varnish top coat is THE thing essential to extend the holding of varnish. It can multiply by 2 the holding of colored polish. For example, instead of lasting three days, your nail will remain in place for 6 days! There are even long-lasting protective varnishes, even better. Suggestion: Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.

Another tip, to further improve the performance of the top coat while refreshing your varnish applied for a fresh look and glossy, reapply the top coat as often as possible, ideally every day, but every other day should too.

11) Wear gloves dishes

When you run chores where your hands are in contact with detergents or hot water, always wear work gloves or dish to protect your nail, which becomes more brittle when exposed to these elements (and so it will take less time and peel faster). At the hot water, if you take the baths, keep your hands as much as possible out of the water or take shorter baths or showers.

12) Use of long-lasting nail polish

Finally, as you already know, some colored nail varnishes are long-lasting and / or anti-chipping, which gives a great boost! There are several options on the market. Suggestions: Maybelline Strong Hold & Pro, Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color.

There are also few years of nail polish stick to leaves. This new gadget is quite expensive, but the outfit is exellent (and the application is really easy).

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