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How To Make Pakistani Dress Easily

When we mention the names of some of the best styles of Pakistani dresses designs then we never miss out mentioning about the salwar kameez designs. This clothing is taken to be best in choices by both men and women. It is complete traditional dress that is a combination of a top (salwar), bottom (kameez) and matching scarf (duppata). The salwar kameez is generally quite long as it drops below the knee. You will be finding this dress in the silk fabric or lace that is lightly embellished. You can wear this Pakistani dress designs in all the seasonal happenings of summer and winter climate.

Method To Design Salwar Kameez Easily:

  1. You have to start off by taking the measurements for the top and bottom of the Pakistani dress such as from the portions of chest, breast, waist, hips, armhole, neck diameter, shoulder (broadness), sleeve length, elbow circumference, wrist circumference and front neck depth. For the kameez you should measure the waist. hips, length, inseam and bottom.
  2. You can even take the best help from the dressmaker, craft store or specialist website.
  3. Now you have to draw out each shape included in the pattern onto the piece of brown paper. Make the use of the measuring tape edge as a ruler to draw each panel for the outfit. Don’t forget to allow the pattern so you draw out every section of the dress.
  4. Now just cut down the portion of each of the shapes from the brown paper. Now you have to pin each one onto a section of fabric with pins. In this way you will know enough to make the salwar kameez.
  5. Now make the use of scissors to cut around the edge of the shapes.
  6. After it just sew the kameez pieces together. Now just pin the sections of the bottoms together before sewing. You have to follow the line of the pattern to make the seams. Now tie off the thread as you continue to sew the bottoms.
  7. If you do not have an interlocking machine then you have to remove all the pins and brown paper and go over the stitching with another line of threading.

Salwar kameez is known as being one of the favorite and best Pakistani dresses that adds the women personality with elegance. Try with this Pakistani dress designs now and you will love it!

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