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How to make soy milk yourself?

Make soy milk itself can quickly get a milk plant rich in vitamins and minerals.If naturally contains calcium, it can be enriched with mineral water or algae.This also provides additional flavor to all recipes.

To make soy milk itself must soak in a maximum cold water – mineral water preferably – 300 g soybean yellow for forty-eight hours to get two liters of drink .Let rise seeds (bean film should come off easily after soaking) until the desired preparation.
Then rinse the seeds three times to remove excess skin.This also removes the bitterness and toxicity of the skin.

Grind the seeds in a blender.


    • To make soy milk, pour the seeds into a bowl and grind them in a blender to obtain a foam solution and gently smooth.


    • Pour into a saucepan. Add a bit of water and boil on low heat. Stir occasionally to prevent the preparation overflows.


    • Remove the foam and let cool.


    • Pass through a sieve (metal, preferably) and pour the mixture into the boiling casserole.Portez. Stir regularly to avoid burning the preparation and attaches to the pan. Cook for fifteen minutes.


Sweet, salty, spicy, flavored …


    • Press to extract all the juice.


    • Add salt or sugar as you wish. You can also add a vanilla bean, cocoa, vanilla, orange blossom, cinnamon, rice syrup, agave, maple, honey … spices or herbs.


Making soy milk: more.


    • To go faster, you can buy soy dépellicullé, preferably stamped “organic”.


    • Soy milk can be stored in the refrigerator. It can be used for flavoring yoghurt or cakes. In all cases, it should be consumed within forty-eight hours.


    • It can be associated with rice or other plant milks.

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