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How To Make Squint Eyes Bigger 4 Best Tips

Big bold Eyes are more attractive and  charming, enhances the beauty of the women. Here we are providing the best tips to make your eyes bigger through simple and easy makeup steps.

Four Big Eye Makeup Tips eye shadow

  I think if you just want to simply increase the eye, it is not necessary, as long as the site of the brow slightly put some white eye shadow make eye perspective some of it. If you know the efficacy of honey, it is best to always drink for brightens the complexion improve temperament is helpful.

 1. When the need to use eye shadow, try not to choose warm colors of eye shadow, (red yellow , green) because that would make the eyes look very swollen.

2. If it is smoked makeup of the painting, you should choose dark eye shadow, dark eye shadow and skin color can be a natural fusion, can create three-dimensional sense of the eye, let your eyes look large and Good.

3. Shiny eye shadow painted the lower part of the eyelid, with sparkling colors can be more overhangs.

4. When applied eye shadow darker eye shadow, eye shadow stick more appropriate choice. As part of the eyelid eye shadow, eye shadow stick can be used to smear. In fact, we sometimes try to make a return to non-mainstream Oh well, there will be an unexpected surprise.

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