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How to make up for a wedding

In fact, make it beautiful is an art.Must know how to handle the colors and especially well adapted according to her complexion and her clothes, which is not easy, especially when we start in the field.Makeup for a wedding involves knowing several techniques including preparing the skin before any testing and handling.

Make the skin receptive to makeup

  • Makeup for a wedding requires attention, it is not a day like any other. Must begin with a small build up schedule that will allow you to not miss any step to have a light skin like never before.The eve of the wedding, remember to drink at least one liter of water, this will hydrate your skin from within.
  • Then proceed to get serious and get a gentle exfoliation of the face with a preference for the morning. Then apply a moisturizing mask that will treat any minor irritations. You feel well rested.
  • You can perform an eyebrow, taking care to draw their line well. If you do not feel you do, remember to go to a beautician. Also, to avoid all kinds of rash, do not drink alcohol or very little, not too spicy. Eat light to not let your liver clogged your complexion.

Tips to achieve a natural makeup and sophisticated

  • Allow a few hours before the ceremony to apply what is called a fluid non-greasy moisturizer on your face. This will not only lighten your complexion and to better hold up.
  • Then use a foundation avoiding to take oil-based, which could give a glossy effect to your skin. Makeup for a wedding requires patience.
  • Use black mascara and waterproof and wipe several times on your lashes to give them thickness while the lengthening upwards. On eyeshadow, choose the color according to your dress, choose light colors for the entire eyelid and add a darker complexion just above the upper lashes.
  • Finally, apply the pencil, preferably black, top and bottom of your eyes by wetting a little tip to make the line thicker. Your eyes will be so sublimated and makeup for a wedding becomes a breeze for you.

How to make up for a wedding

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