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How To Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally ?`

Many Women dream of fuller and lavish lips now days. Surgery is not always the best way to ensure that, as it may results troublesome consequences. Here we will tell you how to make your lips more naturally, and apply these tips on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised how plumper and more Kissable your lips become within a few days.

Many Home remedies are available to makes lips bigger and fuller. Some makeup tricks also helps in making lips chunkier and fuller. Daily usage of moisturizing balms on your lips and moisturizing creams before sleeping helps a lot in making your lips naturally soft and bigger. Lips look more pinky and fresh when they are fully hydrated.


The Best ways to make your Lips Bigger:

Exfoliate you lips:

If you want your lips look bigger and fuller then deep rinsing and washing off the dead skin cells from the lips is very important. So exfoliate your lips in a week at least, as the skin of lips is very sensitive as compare to the skin of your face.

  • Scrub your lips by using a thick paste of sugar in water with your tooth brush and gently brush your lips it will remove the dead skin cells from your lips. And make them fresh and bigger.
  • Take a lemon and squeeze out its juice and gently rub this juice with your finger tip on your lips. Avoid this method if your lips are cracked.

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Moisturize Your Lips:

Moisturizing your lips with a moisturizing cream or balm is very important to make them soft and pinky and also bigger.

  • Apply honey with your finger on your lips and let it be for 10-15 minutes. Honey will provide the moisture to your lips and made them fully hydrated and soft.
  • Apply olive oil and massage it gently on your lips, before going to sleep. Oilve oil is a best oil for smoothness, so wash your lips in the morning. It will leaves your lips bigger, larger and smooth.



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Makeup Tricks For Bigger Lips:

  • Apply soft colors on your lips that make them look bulkier and fuller.
  • Apply lip gloss little in the center of the lower lip, it will give a fuller look.
  • Use a Lipstick color that is perfectly matched with your face color tone, Select the color that is neutral or lighter as compared to the color of your lips.
  • Use a Lip gloss which is ultra shiny, and apply in the middle of the lower lip, it will make your lips fuller.
  • To enhance the volume of your lips, use a lip liner or pencil and draw on the upper lips starting from the middle towards the corners.

Some More Easy Tips:

  • Don’t torture your lips by using your teeth or tongue.
  • After taking every meal, splash fresh cold water on your lips to remove the food particles from your lips.
  • At home, don’t use Lipstick all the time.
  • Exfoliate the lips and moisturizing it makes them fuller and bigger.
  • Daily massage of lips enhances the circulation of blood in the lips and gives a good shape and pinky color.


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