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How to make your own shower gel

When you look at the labels of shower gels, it is rare to know the ingredients that compose and know the consequences of these skin products.This is why it is interesting to make your own shower gel and understand what are the benefits.

Why make your own shower gel?

  • Make your own shower gel has many interests. Firstly, it is interesting to do things for yourself and you will be satisfied. Then you will know exactly the ingredients that your soap. Thus, your skin will not risk being irritated because you will provide all the benefits of natural products.
  • Also create their soap is also interesting because it allows you to save money. In fact, the ingredients of your own shower gel are natural and inexpensive.
  • Make your own shower gel also helps the flavor according to your taste and is a great gift idea to give to friends.

The method for producing its own shower gel

  • To make your soap, heat a liter of water in a saucepan. Then grate a soap using a vegetable peeler. If you have dry skin, you can use soap of Aleppo is made with olive oil and bay leaves.Put the pieces of soap in hot water and allow the soap and water mix.
  • Once the preparation is cooled, you can add essential oils of your choice to scent your soap.Finally, you can pour your own shower gel in a pump bottle and use it. Be aware that gentlemen can use this soap to prepare the skin for shaving.

Shower gel make-developed

  • Make your own shower gel is a pleasure. Thus, you can vary your creations by such a shower gel pink vanilla.
  • In a 50 cl bottle, mix one tablespoon of glycerin with ten drops of vanilla and five drops of rose.Add this mixture to the washing base and add two tablespoons of rose water.
  • Put your shower gel in a pump bottle and scents delicate and refined this soap promise you pleasant bathroom.

How to make your own shower gel

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