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How to make yourself a best plumping lip gloss for less than 3 euros?

A few months ago, I decided to get into the natural cosmetics to make yourself. I wanted to start with a simple product to make and cheap to test its effectiveness and quality of natural cosmetics. So I decided to make a pink gloss repopulating.


I made ​​my first order on the website www.aroma-zone.com , a site that seemed very full of natural products.

So I decided to make a gloss because the recipe is simple, inexpensive (four ingredients) and the photo of the gloss has not left me indifferent!


The realization of plumping gloss


Time: 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: less than 3 euros for a bottle of 6 ml.


Before you begin to realize the gloss, it is important to boil 10 minutes the material and then applyalcohol 70 ° and dry to kill any bacteria. I recommend that you wash your hands, put on gloves and apply alcohol above. Once this is done (I do not deny that this is the least fun part), you are ready for tambouiller!

Equipment and ingredients:

1 vial with 6 ml

1 mini whip

1 measuring spoon 0.05ml

1 scoop dose 2 ml

1 small bowl.




Vegetable substitute Lanolin

Soothing, calming andmoisturizing the lips really well.This is an anti-aging active

5.8 g or 2.5 ml of 2 shovels

Mineral oxide Rose

Natural pigment that provides a range of colors from beige to purple, depending on the amount added

0.05 g or 2.5 tablespoons of 0.05 ml

Mica Gloss

Brings brilliance to gloss

0.05 g or 2 tablespoons of 0.05 ml

Aromatic extract Brambleberry

Provides a natural, gourmettaste and fruity gloss

0.15 g or 5 drops


Transfer to a small bowl and in the following order:


    • The lanolin substitute with 2 ml of the excavator
    • the rose oxide using 0.05 ml of the excavator
    • gloss mica using the shovel of 0.05 ml.


Mix everything carefully to mini-whip until smooth color.


Add the aromatic blackberry extract and mix.


Transfer the mixture into a bottle.



To keep away from heat and light (it’s in my purse) at least 3 months.

My opinion on the plumping gloss


I am very impressed with the moisturizing and soothing power of the gloss.

It sticks a lot, but this is not bad either.

It takes about an hour on the lips.

It does not have a rear unpleasant taste in the throat during the installation of gloss on the lips, unlike gloss “chemical”.

Conclusion plumping gloss


I am very satisfied with my gloss, he follows me everywhere. I also realized for many people around me who are also very satisfied! I highly recommend this recipe.


Thank you Aroma-Zone!


Important: I highly recommend you make a   test on the elbow   and wait at least 24 hours to see if any   allergic   manifests itself.

And now your whips!



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