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How to makeup dry skin

Dry skin can be more difficult to disguise than normal skin. You can have dead skin or dry patches of skin that emerge from the application of makeup, have skin that feels tight or feel discomfort during the day, have difficulty in obtaining consistent results or light still too dull … The cons are many, but there are solutions to help dry skin to have a beautiful makeup at all times. Here are four essential.

1) We start with the basic

Using the right skin care products, you create a good base for makeup. Poorly hydrated skin will receive less makeup and you will not get good results. Use care enough moisturizer for your skin. Moisturize twice a day, morning and evening. Never go out without applying the cream. Do not use cleaners too strong for your skin.Bar soaps should be avoided. Use a cleansing milk or cream to remove with a tonic or a micellar water without rinsing.

To properly remove dead skin and maintain a beautiful skin, make a scrub once or twice a week followed by a hydrating mask. Dead skin is aptly named. She is dead. Therefore, we can not revive moisturizing. It should then be removed and the scrub is your best ally in this task. But beware, there will gently exfoliating, it is light circular movements without rubbing too hard to risk irritating the skin.


2) Using a suitable foundation

Many companies offer foundations specially designed for dry and / or dehydrated. They rant a boost to your day cream by adding moisture and providing a softer texture and comfortable. Avoid foundation powder.Prefer textures cream, cream sticks or CDs. Suggestion: Lancôme Absolue Makeup (around 52 € / $ 72 CA).Some also offer a luminous finish, indeed often sought by dry skin are naturally very matte. Suggestion: Chanel VITALUMIÈRE Cream Foundation SPF15 brightness (around 80 C $ / 50 €).


3) We use a cream blush

Blushers powder may flatten on dry skin and bring out the dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The cream blushers are very easy to use. It applies some keys generated using fingers and tapping fades or making small circular movements upwards towards the temples. You can also apply with a brush, synthetic hairbrush as a foundation. Suggestion: MAC Blushcrème (around 21 C $ / 19 €).

4) We do not powder too

If you absolutely want to set your makeup with powder, avoid mattifying powders and prefer powders with light effect or radiance. Go sparingly, too much powder could give a chalky complexion and enhance the appearance of dry skin. Is scanned without pressing too lightly with a large powder brush free. Another option to fix your makeup that could replace the powder would foggers fixing makeup. Some even have a protective effect and moisturizing. Is sprayed on the face and around and played!

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