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How to makeup for beginners?

Put makeup for beginners requires some practice.It is important that it is well done, it makes discreet and clean.

To makeup for beginners, techniques themselves are not very difficult.For this, the girls observe, inquire with their mother or their girlfriends are testing for a better result.


The choice of makeup

  • Putting makeup application for beginners to respect their complexion, their hair color, and eye color. Some teens do not think about all this, and makeup they may not suit them at all.
  • They will have to understand that the eyes should not be overloaded with eyeshadow or pencil, mascara, or eyeliner.
  • Similarly, the cheeks should not be made with two large red circles in the middle. As for the lipstick, it is a little out to them.


Putting makeup correctly

  • Put makeup for beginners starts with the eyes. A light eyeshadow can be applied consistently with the finger.
  • For gradients, girls may start with a slightly lighter color on the inside (nose side) to finish with a darker color on the outside of the eye.
  • It must not exceed the top of the latter, or the outer corner of the eye. Put makeup for beginners does not require the installation of blush to avoid glare too bright.
  • Finally, the lipstick is being sure to observe the lip contour. Slowly and gently, from the inside (just under the nose), and outwards, the line will be drawn, then apply here too evenly.
  • Do not forget to pinch the lips to spread well. Finally, we must open the eyes wide to be able to move the pencil.
  • Put makeup for beginners is sometimes a bit complicated. A strength test, they always get there!

How to makeup for beginners

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