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How to makeup for blue eyes

Widespread and popular, blue eyes can be highlighted, or otherwise mixed according to the occasions.Thus, blue eyes makeup allows you a wide range of makeup, and following a few tips that will not stress the intensity or the charm of your eyes.

The attractive blue eyes

  • Blue eyes are often a woman synonymous with seduction and attraction. It will then be easier to make up blue eyes, in order to emphasize the depth.
  • Makeup, especially eye makeup, will allow, according to your desires but also your taste of the moment, to intensify your blue eyes, or otherwise soften its brightness.
  • All colors are possible with your blue eyes, but you may want to enhance the color and intensity. Blue eyes makeup will be for you an opportunity to highlight your eyes.
  • To achieve this, you should try to emphasize your eyes, using the complementary color of blue is orange.
  • So you soulignerez your eyelids with an orange background (no need to choose a bright orange too, which would have the opposite effect, attracting necessarily look), while a pencil dark (brown or black) lash increase further highlighted.
  • If you choose to highlight your blue eyes, choose light colors for your lips and apply a discreet makeup on the rest of your face.

Eye makeup blue fontion opportunity

  • Blue eyes makeup can also meet other desires from you. Even if the color blue is common, some simple tips will allow you to magnify your makeup.
  • If you want to lighten the color of your eyes, you will use, as opposed to the light blue, dark colors (you can choose from a palette of colors, ranging from violet to deepest black).
  • These colors will contrast then your eyes, and if you want to further increase the attraction power of your eyes clear, you can not do that emphasize the contrast, disguising your eyelid through. To achieve this, you will not make a light application of color retention.
  • Your foundation also be matched to the color of this contrast, repeating the same color as your eyes. The result is guaranteed, since your blue eyes will be even more emphasized.

How makeup blue eyes


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