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How to makeup for brown eyes

With a few tips and tricks professionals, learn how to make up brown eyes to intensify the look and make you attractive.

Nothing like a bit of eyeshadow, a pencil or kohl eyeliner and mascara makeup for dark brown eyes and bring out all their splendor.In a few easy steps, you can achieve yourself this operation.

Stage your brown eyes in 3 steps

  • Step 1: Specify the contours of the eye. Using a thin line of black kohl pencil or sharp eyeliner, define the edge of the upper eyelashes brown eyes.
  • Step 2: Sculpt eyelid. With a bit of eyeshadow color, do the brushing touches of powder in the outer corners of the eyes and in the space between the arch and the upper eyelid.
  • Step 3: beautify your eyelashes. It is always advisable to buy a quality mascara and do not keep for more than three months. To apply, press the brush at the lash line and not on the length of the lashes (not to harden the look).

What colors to choose makeup for brown eyes?

  • The fashion has been for a long time to opt for brown eyeshadows are gone. Today, experts advise choosing aesthetic rather colored shadows in shades of purple, copper, bronze, gold, green, smoky gray, dark blue and even makeup for brown eyes.
  • For a look at the thousand and one nights, there is a range of specialized smoke colors for brown eyes. Based bluish black or brownish-gray very dark kohl these should be applied with care not to give a smoky eye.
  • Greens towards the turquoise, light blue and silver tones are not suitable when you want to make up brown eyes. These colors are too cold. Especially the pastel colors in shades of pink, blue or green light should be forgotten because they make the white of the eye rather bland.

How to makeup for brown eyes



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