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How To Place Crystals On Stones Abaya

Do you want to make your stones abaya to be eye catching attractive looking for others? Well there are so many women who love to get creative with their art work and love to style up the abayas with their own designing. But now the main question is that how it will going to be possible?

Steps To Place Crystals On Stones Abaya:

Step No 1: In the very first step you have to pour the Swarovski crystals into a bowl to keep them organized as you work. Now you have to set the bowl onto a flat work surface alongside the rest of your supplies.

Step No 2: Now you have to just wipe the surface of the item you are embellishing down in the company of a rubbing alcohol wipe. This will going to help you in removing all kinds of the dirt, dust or residue to leave you with a clean work area. The cleaner wil going to work on the surface as it will help better the crystals will stick on the stones abaya.

Step No 3: Now you have to make the choice of the design you want to create on the item by means of the Swarovski crystals. You have to make the use of the permanent marker to create a small dot on the item where you want each crystal to be placed.

Step No 4: Now you have to pick up one of the crystals up using the tweezers. Now just apply a small dab of the crystal adhesive glue to the back of the crystal and then press it down onto one of the dots you drew with the marker. Now you have to gently press the back of the tweezers against the crystal firmly to make sure it is attached securely.

Step No 5: Now in the last and final step you have to keep pressing the crystal stones until all of the crystals have been added on the stones abaya. You should allow the glue to dry thoroughly before using the item. The dry time will vary from brand to brand.

Now start following the above mentioned steps now and make your stones abaya to be stunning looking for others! All the best!

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