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How To Practise Mehndi Art With Self Help?

There are so many things that have to be kept in mind at the time of practicing the mehndi art with own self help. For some of the women it is considered to be one of the most important tasks but it is not at all impossible until and unless you don’t try it.

How To Practise Mehndi Art With Self Help?

Below we will going to highlight down some of the main and important tips that will going to help you with the easy application of the mehndi art designs:

  1. You can take the best help to find the simple mehndi designs either from a mehndi design book or online and familiarize yourself in the company of common motifs.
  2. You can even check out with the best designs all the way by tracing the hands and feet on several sheets of blank paper. You can start to practice simple motifs like diamonds or teardrops in attractive formations. You can even try more complicated designs like paisley shapes filled in the company of dots and curved lines that look like leafy vines. You can just practice on these templates until you can easily draw a few motifs.
  3. Just try to hold the mehndi cone as you would a pencil or a cake-icing cone.
  4. Just be sure with the fact that you apply the steady pressure to the cone so the mehndi squirts smoothly out and practice the same designs.
  5. Just try to remove the mehndi by scraping it off with a spoon or a similar tool and then by washing. You can even unclog the mehndi cone hole all the way by using a pin or sewing pin to keep the paste flowing evenly.

So these have been some important facts that you should notice at the time of mehndi art application. Are you ready to try them all?

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