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How To Practise Mehndi Design With Youtube Mehndi Designs

Have you ever learnt the art of mehndi designing with the help of Youtube mehndi designs videos? Well if not then you should try it once because these videos will going to teach you a lot about the intricate application of the mehndi designs in the simple and easy ways. Are you ready to learn it?

Tips To Practise Mehndi Design With Youtube Mehndi Designs:

Below are some of the helpful tips with the help of which you can learn that how you can practise the mehndi designs with Youtube mehndi designs videos:

  1. You should be searching first some of the simple mehndi designs, either from a mehndi design book or online and familiarize yourself in the company of common motifs.
  2. Now you have to just trace you hand on several sheets of blank paper. Just practice simple motifs like diamonds or teardrops in nice-looking formations. You can even think about trying with some of the complicated designs like paisley shapes filled in with dots and curved lines that look like leafy vines.
  3. You should hold the mehndi cone as you would a pencil, or a cake-icing cone.
  4. Now you have to apply the steady pressure to the cone so the mehndi squirts smoothly out and practice the same designs.
  5. You can remove the mehndi by scraping it off in the company of a spoon or a similar tool and then by washing. You can even repeat your application of the design on your clean hand or foot until you are pleased in the midst of the results. You can unclog the mehndi cone hole using a pin or sewing pin to keep the paste flowing evenly.
  6. Don’t forget to make the use of toothpick underneath any wayward lines of the mehndi pattern.  You should make you way along the underbelly of the line gently with the toothpick. You can raise the line from one end with the toothpick and shift it where you want it to go as carefully laying the line down and easing the toothpick out from under it.

So this was all we have ended up with the Youtube mehndi design videos! Now start searching for the simple and best mehndi designs now!

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