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How To Practise Mehndi Designs For Hands

There are so many women who want to know that how they can apply the mehndi designs for hands with own self help. We all are fully aware from the importance of the mehndi designs for the wedding functions and religious festivals. Women don’t even love to miss the single chance with the help of which they can make their hands and feet stunning and beautiful looking for others. As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will going to find so many styles and designs of mehndi designs that are simple as well as complicated in application too.

How To Learn Easy Mehndi Designs Easily?

  1. You should begin with the choice of the mehndi designs that is simple in application but at the same time it is traditional in designing too. You can find the mehndi designs from the mehndi designing books or you can even take the help of the online mehndi websites as well.
  2. You can trace up the hands and foot on several sheets of blank paper. You should practice simple motifs like diamonds or teardrops in attractive formations. Then try more complicated designs like paisley shapes filled in with dots and curved lines that look like leafy vines. You should practice on these templates until you can easily draw a few motifs.
  3. You should be having some practise in holding the mehndi cones just like you grip up the pencil, or a cake-icing cone.
  4. You should be applying some kind of steady pressure to the cone so the mehndi squirts smoothly out and practice the same designs.
  5. You have to remove off the mehndi by scraping it off with a spoon or a similar tool, then by washing. You can repeat your application of the design on your clean hand or foot until you are pleased with the results. Just unclog the mehndi cone hole using a pin or sewing pin to keep the paste flowing evenly.
  6. You can even make the application of mehndi designs for hands easy by using the ease of the toothpick underneath any wayward lines of the mehndi pattern. You have to wrk your way along the underbelly of the line gently with the toothpick.

Follow the above mentioned tips now and fall in love with the easy mehndi designs with your own creative designing inside it!

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