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How to prevent hair loss?

To keep long hair healthy and glowing, better understand and apply ways to prevent hair loss

A balanced diet care products adapted depending on the type of hair and some maintenance treatments to make at home are the secret to prevent hair loss and other problems related to hair loss.

Foods to choose and those to avoid

  • Foods to eat as often as possible to prevent hair loss are those that contain proteins rich in sulfur amino acids (fish, shellfish, meat) as well as vitamins B and PP. It is also important to eat a varied (colorful fruits and vegetables – 5-10 servings per day – whole grains, quality oils, nuts, legumes, dairy products) and drink plenty of water (about half liter daily). Remember that a diet too fat, stress, and certain medications can promote hair loss.
  • To prevent hair loss, avoid excess sugar, coffee, strong tea, alcohol, hot spices and chocolate.

Products for hair care

  • Trade full care products claiming that they will not only prevent hair loss regrow but in cases of alopecia. Some lotions containing nettle extract of horse mane and biotin may help reinforce a devitalized hair, but in any case, these products can work miracles if the cause of hair loss is of genetics.
  • Beware of detergents and shampoos dyes aggressive. Prefer the soft version for shampoos and dyes based on natural, containing little or no peroxide and no ammonia.


  • A deep massage of the entire scalp two to three times per week, using castor oil or jojoba oil helps prevent hair loss. Treatment once a week, Rhassoul is a real cure for hair health.Thoroughly rinse the product, however, not to dry the hair.
  • Since a few years, laser treatments have had some success in the United States and Canada in the prevention and treatment of hair loss. As Hairmax – the only device recognized by the FDA – is expensive, treatments in the clinic, however, are quite expensive.
  • In China, for centuries, acupuncture combined with special herbs consumption is used to prevent hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss?

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