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How to Prevent Sleepwalking

How to Prevent Sleepwalking

It is not easy to prevent sleepwalking, because it is a disease that is rarely suspected before one-third do not see.However, you can always take some action if you think you may have this disease.

10-20% of adults with sleepwalking.These figures reach the same 40% in Sweden!What can we do to prevent sleepwalking?

Secure your home

  • The greatest danger for a sleepwalker, is not to be jolted awake (the thing would be unpleasant, but not fatal priori), but falling. The first thing to do if you think sleepwalking is to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to close your shutters, you will avoid the accidental defenestration. Also remember to lock the door of your room. You can also, if you sleep on the floor, install a gate at the top of stairs.
  • The best is, if you can, sleep on the ground floor. These precautions, failing to prevent sleepwalking, you will save a lot of problems in crisis situations.

Adapt your lifestyle

  • High alcohol consumption, accumulation of short nights, stress and consumption of sleeping pills can cause sleepwalking. You can prevent sleepwalking improving your lifestyle: do not drink too much, and not going to bed too late.
  • If you are prone to stress, you try to relax by yoga, relaxation therapy, for example. The relaxation will also help you fall asleep more easily, without using sleeping pills.

Talk to your doctor

  • Obviously, the above advice does not release you from your doctor. If you think you are sleepwalking, he will listen to you and identify the causes of this disease.
  • If your sleepwalking has psychological origins (intense stress, for example), it will eventually redirect you to a therapist who will listen to you and seek a solution. For prevent sleepwalking is not all: we must also consider the cure, and sustainably.


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