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How to put the Hijab in different styles

Hijab means dress code that covers the body except the hands and face worn by Muslim women. However, often referred to colloquially hijab headscarf. According to the website Islam in the present, many women wear the Hijab, they feel that by simply covering the body get more respect from society, although in Western culture the hijab is often seen as a sign of submission.Whatever the reason a woman chooses to wear the hijab, there are many styles that she can choose to look elegant, but are actually very easy to do



  • A large underscarf (type of scarf to cover the head and neck)
  • Three pins for hijab
  • a scarf (34 inches by 34 inches (86.4 cm) or 40 inches by 40 inches (101.6 cm))
  • colorful lightweight handkerchief
  • Amira hijab


Veil Style

    1. Put yourself first one underscarf large to adequately cover the neck. Alternatively, you can use a high collar and regular underscarf. This is because the veil does not cover all areas of the neck.
    2. Supports the veil on the head, making sure that one side is longer than the other. Hold the shawl to underscarf two hijab pin. Try to do this at the height of the eyebrows.
    3. Take the longer end of the veil, put on your face and hold it at the other end with the third bolt Hijab. The veil need not be subject to very tight because below is a turtleneck or underscarf, and can hang neck to be comfortable. Make sure all bolts are placed so as not to fall.

Style with pocket square

  1. Decide what size handkerchief want. If you prefer a higher coverage, use a tissue of 40 inches by 40 inches (101.6 cm), but if you are small or do not mind being less covered, tissue 34 inches by 34 inches (86.4 cm) generally is suitable. Fold the scarf in half to create a triangle and fold in half again. Make sure the second triangle is less than the first so as not to see.

  2. Place the tissue in the head, with a long side. Should fall to the shoulders. If it is too long or too short, again fold or looking for a different size.

  3. Use a pin to fasten hijab scarf under the collar. Place the long side of the scarf on the opposite side of the face and secured with a second bolt of hijab. Again, make sure the bolts are not loose.

Amira Style

  1. Place a colorful handkerchief over his forehead. This scarf can be fine since you only need to cover the area above the eyes to the hair.
  2. Tie the scarf on the bottom of the neck. Make sure it is snug enough not to fall. In this style, the scarf is used instead of underscarf usually as part of the two-piece Amira hijab.
  3. Place Amira hijab over your head. The Amira Hijabs are already sewn handkerchiefs to cover the head and neck, leaving a space for the face. Make sure the scarf combine colors and Amira. This is a very simple style, because it requires no pins.

How to put the Hijab in different styles

How to put the Hijab in different styles

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