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How to recognize a true gem

How to recognize a true gem

It is not easy to recognize a true gem.Imitations are many and you risk paying dearly, a worthless item.

When you buy a bead shop, there is a certificate of authenticity that goes with it.When it comes to jewelry hand, we must recognize a true gem with a few tricks.


The easiest way to tell the difference between real and fake pearls

  • Real pearls, whether natural or cultured pearl is, while the imitations are made of resin or plastic. Not to have to, use some tricks that will make the difference between real pearls and fake.
  • The easiest way to recognize a real pearl is a pearl rub against each other. When it comes to real pearls, you should feel some roughness, as if there were grains of sand stuck to the beads.
  • By cons, if the contact is smooth and the beads slide easily against each other is that they are false. This method to recognize a true gem, in addition to its simplicity is also a great option and can be applied even in the presence of the owners of pearls.


Professional practices

  • Professionals, they have a surefire way to recognize a true gem, they are gnashing their teeth, if it crunches, it’s good. But they also recognize its appearance as a gem is never perfectly round.
  • Also be aware that a real pearl nacre never loses while false are just coated with nacre, thus the scratching a little, it goes. Imitation pearls weigh more than true of the same size.
  • In a necklace, it is easy to realize that these are real pearls. If they all have the same size and shape, is that they were produced in series and therefore imitations.
  • You should know that pearls are alive and they love to be in contact with the skin. If left too long in a box, they go out and lose their luster.
  • They can even turn color and become gray, we say that they are dead. To take care of pearls should be worn frequently and especially avoid spraying perfume.

How to recognize a true gem

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