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How to reduce bags under eyes

The bags are one of the most difficult challenges in makeup, because you can not just hide them because they have a volume effect.

Here are several tips to lessen the makeup and well

1) If your eyes are puffy in the morning, purchase a mask eye contour gel that is placed in the fridge to cool.We then applied a compress on the eyes for at least 10 minutes. Position it well for it mostly with pockets.Some have an elastic band to keep it in place, which is ideal. The cold has a very refreshing and relieves congestion.

2) Try as much as possible to reduce the factors that cause pockets as water retention, stress and lack of sleep. To reduce water retention around the eyes, sleep on your back, head elevated, avoid drinking too much liquid before going to bed, drink teas cherry stems (ask your pharmacist if before this product you appropriate, because it is a diuretic), playing sports (especially cardio) and reduce the salt in your diet.

3) Many eye creams have decongestant properties. Some have an immediate effect while others work long term. We found that even more effect on the rings. It is worth to use them regularly. Ideally twice a day, morning and evening. Suggestions: Vichy Oligo 25 (around 13 € / $ 21 CA), Lise Watier Bio Specific Eye (around 26 € / $ 42 CA), Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll-on (around 13 € / $ 19 CA) Yves St-Laurent Contour Expert Lift Eye Care puffiness (around 46 € / $ 70 CA), Clarins Eye contour gel puffiness, concealer (around 28 € / $ 44 CA), Biotherm Hydra Detox Bio Eyes Defensis (around 36 € / $ 40 CDN) .

4) There are also “eye patches” that instantly reduce puffiness under the eye. The effect lasts between 6 and 10 hours. The results vary from one person to another. Suggestions: Talika Eye Therapy Patch (around 54 € / $ 84 CA for 6 pairs), Lise Watier Bio Lift Eye Patch (around 21 € / $ 32 CA for 6 pairs) Esthederm Repair Biolift (around 54 € / 84 C $ 10 pairs), Estée Lauder Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch (around € 132 / $ 135 CA for 8 pairs), Carita Progressif Anti-wrinkle patch (around 43 € / $ 67 CA).

5) For the concealer, avoid textures stick or cake. Too thick, they give the impression that your pockets are more important. Prefer cream textures. I recommend you buy two different shades of concealer. One will be exactly the same color as your skin and the other half a shade lighter. They are used as follows: we apply the concealer to even skin tone than directly on the handheld by tapping to enter (do not wipe the product), then apply the lighter underneath the pocket (the the more hollow and darker) again by tapping left to right and vice versa. For this part, I recommend the specific applicator brush concealer. Being more precise, it is ideal not to exceed on the pocket. This technique has the effect of creating the illusion that the circle is smaller.

6) Avoid dust pockets after applying the concealer. This creates a chalky aging and gives the impression that your pockets are more important. If you use powder eyeshadow, in this case you can apply your eyeshadow before concealer for not only the powder falls on the product and glue it. If you find that without the powder, your concealer does not buy a long lasting concealer. Yep, it exists! Suggestions: Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer (around 20 € / $ 40 CA), Perfecting Hydrating Concealer Dior long lasting (around 21 € / $ 32 CA).

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